Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Inventory, Paycheck, Bilge back-up, Lunch, Gelato, Put Diesel in a GAS tank, tell Captain, have a cocktail, dye hair, have a cocktail.

This is pretty much how my day went. With the first charter under our belts we started onthe after charter duties like, cleaning cabins (Rebecka) and doing inventory (me) and meg poked and prodded at a bilge that just wouldn't drain no matter how many times she gagged over the smell. Then we got our paychecks and decided at 2:30 it was time for lunch and we took the Wanderwagon into Road Town. We ate lunch at a nice place downtown after realizing that the bank closed at 3pm. Stopped by the post office to check on my contacts, which I was really hoping would be in today, and have recently been informed that the record for mail from the us is 14 months.... as in, someone sends a package and 14 months later the person in Tortola receives it. I am going to have to see an Optometrist here. The crew and I were planning on heading to St Thomas tomorrow morning but we have to deal with the siphoning of fuel and clearing a fuel system before we can go. Its a great learning experience I think. So, thanks to Libby who picked Meg and I up off the side of the road and drove us home this evening, thanks to Pete, BJ and Derek for supporting us when we told them about the gas incident, and thanks to Meg for being my partner in crime today.
Tomorrow we will be back in the USVI and hopefully I will speak to some of you on the phone! Love you and miss you all!