Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'M SO HAAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYYY! I just turned my TV on and BAM! The very beginning to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation... I mean the very beginning! Didn't even miss a single note of the song!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Full Moon over the Water....

This is a Coqui frog... this little guy is about the size of a silver dollar but he is LOUD! And they are going crazy tonight. I can't even hear myself think!

My camera is the worst!


I'm gonna stop being a whiny wahine on here. I just got a big spoon full of "you never know who's reading your blog". IN A GOOD WAY! Full moon's always bring the unexpected. :) Thanks for reaching out!

Full Moon "Party"

It's not really a party when you're alone, but whatever.

No news, no interview.

Still waiting around to go interview with the owner of the charter company. First it was yesterday, postponed to today... maybe tomorrow. UGH. So bored I joined Twitter! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!!