Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The possibility of snow overnight here in Dallas... Oh. My. Gosh.

I am so excited!

I don't like the cold but I like snow. Cold without snow is dreary. The shitty thing about snow here in Dallas is that people don't know how to deal with it. They freak out and everything shuts down. Mom will probably have a pain in the ass day because people will keep their kids home from school for a half a day and call in to say "i can't bring my kid to school it's snowing" What the hell do you think people in the north do when it snows?!?! Oh my gosh it is 36 degrees outside. This is crazy. We are getting some light rain now and the radar shows snow about 100 miles to the west. Oh and the WIND! THE WIND! It's blowing like a hundred miles an hour! At least 50 really. It sounds like a tornado!

I will take pics if it really does snow!

Snow today, 76 degrees this weekend. What a forecast.


That was quick. We could hear the tornado sirens going off but only when we went outside to see for ourselves if there was a tornado. We didn't see anything. The clouds were moving so fast though, we could see that, and the wall cloud but nothing dropping out of them. It was super warm this evening so we knew something was up. It's in the 40's behind the storm. Brrrrrr! Mom threw a water bottle and her purse into the bathroom and I put my Louis Vuitton wallet and macbook in there... only the essentials. So, Jeff and I went outside when the dude on TV said "Allen residents take cover now in the interior most room in your house". That is precisely the reason you see all those rednecks on TV after a tornado saying things like "waaael, mah sister an I jus wonted to see whut the tornaduh looked like, and all we could heer was this sound like this 'woooooooooooo woooooo' like a big ole train." We probably shouldn't have gone out there but it was weird to hear the tornado sirens. No tornado. That's good. Ok. Back to packing!


shit gotta go. theres a tornado outside.