Thursday, November 27, 2008


A great meal, nice day with the fam.

And some old friends of Mom and Dad's came over for a visit. Trent and Sarah. We had a great time catching up with them.

I made cookies.

Jeff was hungover.

Hapy Thanksgiving!

Yaaaaaaaay! This is our third Thanksgiving this year! haha! The first one was done when I came home from St. Thomas on my way to Seattle because we thought I wouldn't be home for the big day this year... Well we all know how that job turned out! Then we had one last month because we thought I was going to Utah for the season, that one was great because 7 relatives ended up coming over! And now... the real day is finally here. Mom is cooking because A) I cooked both times before, and B) I just woke up and it's 11am. Yesssssssssss. I am taking full advantage of not having to wake up early because I know when I do get a job I will be waking up early every day... SO THERE!

Jeff should be coming over any minute now, I can't wait to find out what he did last night for his Birthday. I am such a boring loser right now that I didn't even attempt to go out with him and his buddies. Instead of being social I decided I was going to clean the garage, a.k.a. Dad's workshop. The whole effing thing is covered in a thick layer of sawdust. It's probably what made him sick. It's just toxic out there. It's so bad that I cleaned a 4ft by 4ft area in the corner and the shop vac died. I gave up after that. I may try to do some manual sweeping and such today but I really need a shop vac to get the dust off the surfaces and walls. I like to clean up that kind of stuff because it's instant gratification! Especially with the shop vac. The dust just magically disappears! Gee... I need to get a life.

And now on the job front. I am tired of keeping it to myself and I don't believe in jinxes. Thats ridiculous. Here we go...

You all know about S/Y Avalon
Well, Dad still thinks he will call me back because the Capt. said they didn't need anyone till the first part of December. I don't think so but we will keep it in the list just for miracles sake.

Then there is the 145' unknown Motor Yacht that Capt. Sean put me up for after informing me that my resume was completely effed up. Even if I don't get an offer for that boat at least I have my resume fixed.

Then there is this 112' M/Y White Star.

It's based in Ft. Lauderdale year round and the owners use it for parties and trips to the Bahamas every once in a while. It's a live aboard position and I would have my own cabin. Sounds good to me because at least when I got a day off I would be in Lauderdale where Courtney is and we could hang out! I really like the Idea of this yacht... My agent in Lauderdale said the Captain was very interested in speaking with me but he wouldn't be able to call me until Tuesday of next week because the owner decided spur of the moment to use the boat and they had to go to the Bahamas this week. So that is actually pretty promising.

Then there is this one... The one I was so excited about... This is the Bristolean...

Click HERE for more info.
This is the boat that the Captain wanted me to write the essay for... So I did. My Aussie agent says she is just waiting on my references to email her back and the Capt. is interested. They need someone ASAP but the thing is... They are in Thailand, and thats great and all, I would love that, but they are planning to be there for the next THREE YEARS! I can't do that. I don't WANT to do that. With all the drama over in Asia at the moment it would be nearly impossible to get a visa anyway. And besides, I don't really want to go over that direction right now if there are psychos looking for Americans and Brits so they can blow em up or take them hostage! No thanks. Not on my agenda.

So there ya go. That's whats going on in my world. After this holiday week is over things will start getting back to normal in the world of yachting. I hope I get 10 calls and emails on Monday! :) At least I'm an optimist.

The turkey is done! Mom did a WONDERFUL job! We went for the armless/legless bird. We tried it the first time I did Thanksgiving this year and realized that it was so juicy and flavorful and not such a pain in the ass as birds with limbs. So if you are thinking of trying one... do it.

Right, off to fold napkins and set the table "silver service" style, need to practice that crap.


A song for you to love...

By Jose Gonzalez