Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have had heartburn for 4 days, and this morning I had cramps so bad it woke me up at 5am and I couldn't even get out of bed till 9am. The cramps subsided for a few hours but now they are starting again. I used to have bad cramps like this when I was in high school but it's been years since I have had them like this. I really hope I can get rid of them and it doesn't happen tomorrow morning. I had to miss work and I need to work because I put in my 2 weeks notice. Ok thats all I can write.

Oh before I go, THANK YOU TO MY UNCLE MICHAEL AND AUNT DIANE FOR THE CARE PACKAGE!!!! I LOVE MY HAT. I never want to take it off! I wore it to see my friend Becca's band play last night and it was a huge hit. It drew alot of attention, not that I need any help. I had my hair all curled and pretty and I even wore lipstick. Josh was there and spoke in my general direction but I just pretended my hat was in the way of his voice and walked away. Hell hath no fury. Well the cramps are really kicking and Im going to lie down on the cold tile floor because thats the only thing that helps.

Love yall.