Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty boring around here.

I have spent alot, I mean ALOT of time online the past few days. I have been searching for crew resources, new websites, networking sites all that, as well as shopping for a few things I really needed to buy online that I can't get here on island and that I won't have time to look for when I get to TX. Things like Julie Perry's book, The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess. You can check her out by clicking HERE. Not that I have never worked on yachts or anything but reading her exerpts and actually talking to her online for the past year I think she has lots of good tips for anyone in the business. Can't wait to read it! I also bought a new power cord for my Mac online for half the price it was at the mac store here on island.
In other news, I have really enjoyed getting to know the new It really seems like a great site for yachties. I guess the agenda for today will include, picking up my paycheck, going to the bank (which will take 4 hours), and coming home to finish blowing up this giant air mattress for my brother and his buddy who are coming to visit tomorrow for a week. They better love that mattress because I spent 5 hours blowing that thing up by mouth and I came really close to passing out like 4 times. You would think someone would have an air pump around here with all the RIB's and dingys. It's almost blown up all the way, I just couldn't blow anymore air in it last night.
This time next week I will be at home in Allen, TX probably making lunch for my dad. It's probably gonna be grilled cheese sandwiches with a pickle and an oreo on the side. Thats what he used to make me and Jeff when we were little. :)
That sounds so good right now. Too bad I had to throw a half a loaf of bread away yesterday because it was moldy. I hate that about living here! Everything molds so fast! I bought that bread 2 days before I had to trash it. Sometimes you buy bread and its ALREADY moldy! Oh only 6 more days....
I will miss it here, but only the good stuff, like the people and the water.
I will not miss the PUEBLO GROCERY STORE!

Time to heat up some leftover BBQ from last night! Woo Hoo!