Saturday, May 31, 2008

This book may be a bad influence...

Like I need one! Things I have learned so far: Betty Crocker is evil and must be taken out, Be particular, and "Live every day like you have all day tomorrow to apologize."

Like I said, this may be bad. :)

What I'm reading.

why naut?
its actually a box set, 2 sweet potato queens books and one big ass sweet potato queens cookbook and financial planner.
we shall see.

OH my freakin gosh holy crap wow.

I got this link from my Capt. and I am not even gonna post the article and pic on my blog because its so horrifying. If you wanna see it click the link. Its a true honest to god boating accident, picture is in the emergency room.

From my time in Tortola

Meg just sent me some pics of me from last year when we lived in Tortola. Thought you might like to see them. The big chess game and A Hoe! Ha!

Pirates be in ye harbor!

Whew! What a long week. I have been working every day because the island is busy again! Woo hoo! I have been swimming with spotted eagle rays and sea turtles and I have even started picking up white spiny sea urchins. Mango taught me how to pick them up when we went diving and I finally got the guts to try it myself at Norman Island the other day. I was so nervous when I dove down to touch it, I was praying oh please don't hurt me! I picked it up and it just feels like a bunch of toothpicks! The passengers on the boat loved it and I let everyone hold it. I met some really cool people from San Marcos TX on the boat, Brian and Elizabeth! Hello guys! They are now going to follow my blog too, they shot some video of me at work so hopefully I will be able to post that here. I am tired today, I spent all day hanging out with Doug and Jill on the waterfront. Doug's new company is doing Pirate Harbor Tours and shuttling cruise ship people from the ship to town and back. It's a really cool trip. Way better than riding in a stinky cab and sitting in traffic. I have a feeling it will do very well. This is only their second day so for them to be so good at it already is amazing! In other news, Akim is back at work! Yay! Akim has been out of commission for a couple of months so its nice to have him back. In celebration we had dinner at the Mafolie Hotel last night and it was delicious! We hung out at Betsy's bar after for a bit then I went home. I am still in the market for a car, still saving my money and working as much as possible. It's saturday night and I am going to sit at home alone and watch movies, cuz its cheap. I am also moving back in to my apartment this weekend because they have patched up the holes they jackhammered out of my wall and I have to clean up all their dust that has settled. What a mess. This is a picture of Akim at work, I told him he has to smile or I cant see him... :)

I am here I am here!

So tired, working constantly which is great! No time to write. I love mom nita and maria! So happy to hear from yall. Season is in full swing again for some reason. I am going to bed but I will write and ketch up tomorrow cuz I have the day off!