Friday, June 6, 2008

Great! Now what? The hits keep a commin!!!

Apparently the Stripling famliy has sold Curb Checkers, my favorite bar in Texas, as you can see by clicking the link on the right. No one even called or emailed to tell me. I sure am feeling the love today. I basically grew up in that bar, from when I was 18 to when I turned 21 I was there every night or pretty close to it. The Stripling family is like my family. I feel so out of the loop. I guess that's what I get for running off to the Caribbean.

this is me, in the middle with randi on the right at the Curb in 2002 probably. Thats from the bar website. we were rockstars.

Soundtrack for life at this hour.

I had a dream.

About my Mema and Papa's house. I don't know why I am writing about it, but It happened like 2 months about and I am still thinking about it. I was walking down their street, Sunset Blvd. I think it was, in the middle of the night and I walk up to the sidewalk at the street. And I just stand there and look at the house. And I remember all the fun times and happy memories I had there and I start to cry and I sit on the steps of the house right under where the mail box used to be attached to the siding, and this lady comes outside and asks me if I am ok. And instead of explaining why I am crying on her front porch I just say that I am fine and that I am only early to repaint her address on the curb and the other painters will be there soon. I also tell her that her phone number used to be FE 71156 but she doesn't know what I am talking about, and I just keep on crying and walk down to the taco villa. I remember waterballons and painting turtle shells with fingernail polish in the back yard. And locusts in my shoes. And that only reminds me how angry I am at my uncle for abandoning me and my brother and my aunt and how I can never forgive him. Now I am really sad tonight. I am going to sit in the shower and try to breathe a little. I think I overwhelmed myself with future plans which caused me to revert into past issues I have yet to deal with. Breathe in. Breathe out. I can't believe I am going to post this crap. Now we know why blogging can be detrimental to your life.

:) like U mean it.

I feel like life personified.

Tonight, everything is so clear and exciting! I have potential. I have a choice. I can buy land. Why not. I know the taxes. I can do this. I am building my empire! hahah! just kidding. But honestly. I really want a big area of west texas for my very own. I don't care if eventually its "worthless" at least it will be mine. I can build a shanty out there and live life and love life and not worry about a thing. I get to talk to all kinds of people on the boat every day, most of them are successful real estate agents or bankers and I have been running my plan over with them for a month or so and I get the same reaction from them all, " land is never a bad idea" even if i don't have a thing on the land one of these days someone is going to want it, and i better get the mineral rights while im at it, when they come around and tell me they want 10 million for my little plot you better believe I may think about it. Anyway. I am babbling. Have you ever had a moment where you feel like you breathe a little deeper, think a little clearer and see a little farther? I just feel like I am finally growing up. Which I never wanted to do. I don't want to do it but it's happening anyway. I find myself being less inclined to go out and party on a night off, more concerned with how much I can save by staying in and drinking free rum. Ces't la vie. Ah yes I am still practicing my french. I wanna go to Paris next year and I don't want to be the "loser texan that cant speak french" because I have seen first hand how people treat "texans" out of the country. Australia was nice for the most part but I have never been treated so rudely in all my life when the occasion called for it on their terms. Thank god for my friend Jessica! Love you lady! Ok, I am going to sit here on the deck and swat mosquitos and fend off dengay fever. love ya.

Smile like you mean it!

"Save some face, you know you've only got one, change your ways, while you're young." - The Killers.
Today is a very splendid day indeed, in the distance across the harbor I can hear the erratic beat of soca rhythms.... there is a party on the waterfront tonight. That's not the splendid news... the splendid news is (i used splendid too many times there) my Gay Boyfriend Dale is NOT leaving the island and we can now proceed to be together forever! Yay! We are like Will and Grace on an Island minus the sugar mama and flaming queen sidekicks. I really wish we had a Karen... I had a lovely day at work today and came home to fix myself some "sizzle and serve" maple sausages. Yeah, that was my dinner. Not very healthy but hey I hav'nt been to the store in ages. Next up, ramen! In other news, I have contacted a realtor in west texas specializing in selling land in the middle of nowhere and I am lookin to buy. I just want about 20 acres that i can call my own in the middle of freaking nowhere! and at 400 bucks an acre i may just be able to afford it. catch yall on the flip side!