Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If you wanted drama and excitement!!!!

Here ya go. I went on my "date"with mango. He picked me up at the dingy dock with his captain in the boat and tries to sneak a kiss on me as to wich I put my hand on his face and push him away... rude bitch i know. but i told him none of that. so Jim makes a joke out of it and leans over and tries to kiss me and we all laugh. We drop Jim off at his boat then go to Water Island to the movie night but we are early so we sit on the beach for a while where Mango starts to quiz me on "whats up with US?" A.K.A. The most terrifying thing you can ask me. I'm like, "We are friends mango." He starts accusing me of being weird and not looking at him in the eye and I'm like "stop looking at me like that!!!" We decide to go back to STT to have a drink at Tickles in Crown Bay while we wait for the festivities to begin on Water Island. We get there and I realize that Mango has probably been drinking all day and I am waaaaaaaay behind on the alcohol intake, so I think its probably not a good idea to go with him back to water island in the dingy at night and back after the movie since we will both probably be drunk by then. To make matters worse he keeps asking me about US. Which I made perfectly clear since the beginning of us hanging out there was no such thing! All I wanted was someone I could hang out with on my days off that was fun and that I enjoy being around and that was him until yesterday. So at Tickles he decides to drop the bomb, the L word people. Now mind you, I have known him for a long time but just recently started hanging out with him, I'm going Mango don't be silly. You are just drunk. You don't feel that way. He goes on for an hour embarrassing me at the bar with people (the nosy fuckers that live on this island) listening to every word he says and me trying to make it clear that i really really want to be his friend nothing else, the bartender keeps giving me that sympathetic look. Finally the sun starts to set and he says It's time to go if I still want to go to the movie. I say I am tired and don't think I want to go, and that I will just wait for Dwayne to get off work (he works at crown bay) and we will ride home together. To this he says "Have a nice life." and storms off, not even in the correct direction, so by the time he realizes he needs to go the other way I have already cut him off and the pass and I am pissed off. I tell him "you know what i have put way too much time and effort into this friendship for you to fuck it up by being a selfish whore. you dont get out of this friendship that easily. sit your ass down." he is surprised and sits. We talked it out for a bit and left on a better note than originally happened, but we will see tomorrow. Im sure it will be fine and he was just drunk but damn. I have such a hard time finding friends that dont wanna do me. Thank god for Dwayne, he's my neighbor and roomate and buddy and I have just recently realized he is not gonna try anything sneaky with me cuz he loves me like a sister. Makes my life good. I know if i ever need anything Dwayne is only a holler away. Unfortunately he has me as the EVIL STEP SISTER who wants to know where he his and who he is with and i have to meet everyone he goes out with and approve before i let him outta the house... he loves it. So.... thats my day. Also Dwayne and I bar hopped this evening only to come home to a pool party being thrown by Danny, who also lives here, which is cool. I hope yall's day was as exciting but less dramatic than mine. Love yall! We need to skype maria!