Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodnight sweethearts, sleep tight, wherever you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Still working, very tired. Today we had a NFL football player on the boat named something Bledsoe. He was really nice, just married and his new bride was a hoot. We meet the most interesting people on the boat. The other day I was chatting with a lady from Boston and it ends up that she is from the same town that my best friend Sean is from, Marshfield. She also knows the place where he works and told me to write him a note and she would drop it off this week when she got home. I did and would you believe it???? She took him my note! At work! He was so surprised! Too cool. The kiddos yesterday were fine, they were a part of a group called MAG. Maritime -something- Group. They are a group that gets local kids involved in sailing and the maritime industry, you would be surprised at how many kids that live here have never even been on the ocean. We took them to Virgin Gorda where we go every day and out of 40 kids only 3 had ever been there. Amazing. So it was kinda rewarding and all that crap and the kiddos were hugging me and stuff when they left the boat. must.... keep.... up.... evil... heartless... sheild.... bah!!!! Not working. In other news, I keep having dreams that I am living on a boat. Not just living on a boat though, living on a boat that is in the boatyard. I miss maintenance days. I miss getting all dirty and making a difference in the way the boat looks. I really wanna do some sanding or varnishing or chipping or painting. I have been keeping an eye out for a boat I can buy. They are expensive. I wanna live aboard again. Also, I told yall about my neighbor Warren passing away, well I may "inherit" his izuzu trooper. By "inherit" I mean, buy it for a small fee. It's kinda weird, because when I moved here, this old guy Wayne died, and now I live in his apartment, now Warren dies and I get his car??? It feels like I get all the old dead guys stuff. Oh well. I am so so so tired. Oh Maria, I had 4 girls on the boat from Japania today and only one spoke english, I wanted to ask them about how lame it was to live there but I figured if they were already living in the US and A they hated it just as much as you. So I just forced rum down their throats all day and helped them forget about it. See yall next time.