Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess what????

My family will be here in 17 days!!!

My most favorite thing this week...

I bought myself an electric skillet!!!! I love it! It makes living in a small concrete box with no kitchen quite lovely! I can cook anything in that thing! I made myself chicken teryiaki for dinner last night, and I made myself a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and fried ham this morning! I tell ya, I have never felt better! I even caught a glimpse of myself in the big mirror a second ago and said "you look healthy!" thats a good thing no? Thought you might like to know this useless bit of info about my life. The end.


Ok family! I have done lots of research and finally found a boat that is going to be in town during July! Any the capt. is giving me a discount because I am in the "industry"! Woo hoooooo! It's going to be awesome. The yacht Bravura! http://www.sailbravura.com/index.html

My air conditioner is broken.

It feels like Key West. When I lived on Fleming St. and I had no A/C. I had french doors that led to a tiny balcony on the second floor of a 3 story house, I would get in the shower, use only cold water, then instead of drying off I would run buck nekkid down the hall and jump in bed, and let the fan cool and dry me to sleep. Now I don't have roomates or a hallway or a balcony for that matter but I still ran dripping wet from my bathroom to my futon. Bad news is, I just have one window and the air doesnt flow that well, Its the hurricane type louvered glass panes. One side wouldn't roll up last night and it was raining, so I just opened one side. I was hot all night. I don't know when my A/C will be fixed. Maybe the sweat will help me lose weight. Well I have to go to work and do maintenance today. So much for 2 days off in a row. Obviously that is not my actual window, I didn't feel like taking a picture of mine. The view from my window is a concrete wall and the back of Jill and Doug's house. :)