Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess what????

My family will be here in 17 days!!!


  1. Snap... I can't find a swimsuit cover-up!

  2. Like the new header. Can't you fit both pics in cos I miss seeing your perfect teeth.
    You Americans are so lucky with your teeth. My mum deliberately avoided getting me braces cos she liked laughing at the way my teeth stuck out.

  3. p.s I'm wearing my jomamma nailpolish in the hope that I get fired today cos wearing polish at school is soooooooooooooooooooo bad.
    Geez. This country needs to LIVE a bit.
    Hehehehhehehe loved telling the kids to go screw travel English today. Now it's back to the boring text and they are gonna suffer for it. It's gonna be boring class after boring class after boring class. I am gonna give them a reason for hating English.
    Evil roar.

  4. Maria -- Don't you love that Skanky orange... it's SO bright, you and everyone else can find your toes in the dark.

    I found some really cool tourquois green I may get for Jolea, it will go with the mermaid persona she's pulling off.

  5. I love the colour. One coat is pastelly and pretty. Two plus coats is wild! I'll probably get fired today.