Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Such a nice note.

I just got an email from my Captain in St. Thomas, Jeff. He and his wife Phebe were great to me in St. Thomas and Jeff was kind enough to give me a shining recommendation when my current Captain called him before she hired me here on So Taj. I am doing well here and I hope they are well and happy too!

Here is the little part of the email that brought a tear to my eye:

"I am happy for you and know you will be a great crew member for your cap and owners. I am wondering if I could be effective, or productive doing that as you are. Be safe and happy as I know you are on the water. I admire you alot. Jeff "

That really made me happy and I wanted to share.

I am really excited about my new job, looking forward to payday on tuesday... paying off loans...getting my shit together in other words.

In the pic, the totally taken apart dining salon... whew.

Hope you all had a nice tuesday!