Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture for comparison...

He is pretty much making the same face in this pic, like brother like sister. Yeah my bro drinks like I do...

He is second from the left.

My poor brother. No wonder he never calls... hahahhahah what are sisters for?

ACTUALLY MY BROTHER IS COMING TO VISIT ME IN TWO WEEKS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And he is bringing a friend. We are gonna be like kids at camp, all in my little apt. It's preparing them for backpacking in Europe.


I saw this picture and I thought it was my brother! It looks just like him! I thought to myself, when did Jeff get tattoos and where is he singing karaoke???? Turns out this is not my brother. It is the lead singer for a band called Theory of a Dead Man. Wow.


I have phone interview on Wednesday! 11am, with the Luxyacht people. So hopefully things will get rolling with my job placement! Whew! I was starting to worry! NO wonder I haven't heard from any of the boats I replied YES to, they haven't forwarded my resume along to anyone who asked for it! They said I had to have an interview before they referred me to anyone. I'm thinkin.... WELL HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't ya think I should have been informed of that!? Man, cuz I am tellin ya, I have never not had a job when I applied for it. Like never! I'm sitting here thinking, is there something wrong with my resume? What the hell? Is my phone broken? Is my email broken? No. They just forgot to call me for my interview. So thank goodness last night I emailed and asked what the hell was going on, today I got a call and I have my interview on Wed. Whew! Here we go!

Where do yall think I should go?

The first place is where the boat is now, then where its going. Help me out!

What should my itenerary be?

New England/Caribbean
New England/Florida
New Orleans/New England
South Carolina/Florida/Caymans/Mex
Martha's Vinyard/Fort Lauderdale
Central America/California/Alaska

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