Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh there he is. Josh is on the right.

sometimes life drops things right in your lap just when you need it.

Ok so I wish I could find a picture of Kevin Costner with his one armed shades he wears throughout the movie. This movie has been looming over me for a few months now, every time I look through Jill and Doug's movie collection I see it, I want to watch it but I never do. here is the premise..."college is over, real life can start. Well not just yet. The Groovers, five college roomates in Texas, class of 71, find breaking up is hard to do. " blah blah blah they head towards mexico, blah blah blah things happen, they fight, they make up, everythign works out, life goes on. The best part for me was the beginning where they showed west texas in all its desert-ie glory. Mentioning Marfa TX where they filmed Giant, and the real thing that got me, the fact that throughout the entire movie... Kevin Costner wears sunglasses that only have one arm. Exibit A. I have gone without a sunglass arm for over two weeks now. I don't know why. This movie made my cry when I saw a damn armadillo cross a road! What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?! Makes me wanna mention other movies that have effected my life. All the pretty horses. Dancer Tx Pop 81. (ask my family they had to spend a whole summer vacation visiting the places they filmed that movie) Thelma and Louise. Thats all I have now. Going to sleep . Love you all.

is it tacky....

to eat cheetos and drink white wine? if so, i am so tacky.