Tuesday, July 8, 2008


80 degrees F. Matt is texting me... awwwww... cute.

So happy.

An old un kindled flame re kindles in the blink of an eye.

This is Matt. He worked with me at Chili's in Mckinney in 2007 or 2006 I can't remember when. Anyway we always had so much fun talking about music and he is a Drummer. Well he had a girlfriend when I met him who also worked at Chili's... I hated them together. I always though she was bad for him and a bad influence and that of course he would be better off with me. Well turns out things got bad and worse with those two and we lost Matt for a while. I kept in touch with Matt's parents to see if he was ok and he eventually ended up in the San Antonio area and has since moved away from the crazy girl and lives in Austin, has re started his band with his best friend and they are going to start playing gigs in the fall. Well we keep in touch and I always felt a good vibe between us and we have been talking alot on Facebook and Myspace and tonight I decided after he wrote me that he missed me, that I would spill the beans about my crush on him. To my complete surprise he said he felt the same and always thought we had a great chemistry. Now I have emailed him and said "STAY AWAY FROM ALL FEMALES TILL I GET HOME IN THE SPRING" good luck kiddo. Either way its so nice. Matt is really awesome. Tall dark and handsome. Has tattoos but not all over his body, Has a college degeree! I sure hope he doesn't read this and think im crazy.... Anyway. All I know is I am looking forward to Texas even more now.... :)))))))


81 degrees F.

Time and temp in Jolea's cabana...

the time is 9:57pm, the temp is 83 degrees F.

Its a miriacle!!!

Doug (dough) just put my new AC unit in! We checked the temp before installing it and it was 89 degrees in my room. Its now 84. I cant wait to see how low it goes. I may not even need to put ice in my martini glass if it gets cold enough. Love it! I cant wait to hang out in my room with my mom and my aunt and watch some TV and stuff. It's gonna be great. Doug also brought me the can of brown paint so I can paint my tree on my wall. Yay!


I spent some time in the pool, then went to the mall, bought Hope Floats, Crazy in Alabama and some new headphones, and then went down to the market because the only thing in my fridge was coolaid and condiments. I also picked up a HUGE bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin for only 13 bucks. I swear I am gonna miss the price of booze here. You can buy a bottle of Cruzan rum for 6 bucks. I just so happened to pick up a big jar of spanish olives at the market so I made myself a nice big dirty martini and watched two episodes of sex and the city. NOw I am watching this new show Wipeout. Its so freakin funny. Its a copy of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV which is way funnier but seeing as how I dont have Spike TV I have to settle for this. I am sweating my ass off. Still no A/C. I am so excited about my family coming on Saturday! I have tomorrow off too, because my boat is sick. Yeah I don't know. Can I just say how awesome it is to get a fresh half gal of milk??? Well it is!!! Its even American milk! Usually we get Puerto Rican or re constituted milk, which I don't drink. This stuff is the best! So my plan for the evening is to chill with my martini's and watch Crazy in Alabama, followed by Hope Floats, with Thelma and Louise to round off the night. Not going out anymore as I seem to meet the salt of the earth when I do. Speaking of meeting new people, there is a new guy in the hood. He lives next door to me in the next house down. Cute from afar, but could end up being a Monet. You know, looks good from far away but when you get up close its just a big mess. Anyway he was standing in the doorway like this but he didn't have a shirt on. I was on my way to town with my ipod blaring so by the time I noticed he said hello I was trying to scope him out secretely so when I glanced over he was looking at me like "hellooooo? rude." So all I could do was wave kinda, like a half wave like not even lifting my hand up past my waist. I am such a DORK!!!! I saw him again this evening on my way home from town, I walk past his door to get to mine and he opened his door and left it open so when I walked by I would say hi or something but I totally kept on walking. Whatever. I am seriously a big dork. I love it. I love my life!