Sunday, January 18, 2009

My face... when it happened and today... and my hero Reno.

At 4am on Saturday Night.

This Morning.
My Cherokee hero Reno who picked me up off the ground and cleaned the blood off my face. (I don't know who the girl is) He has lovely hair. Nice boy. ;)

Race Week has begun!

The Acura Key West 2008 Yacht Race is on! Tomorrow marks the firs races and it runs through Friday night. You guys can catch it on ESPN 2 and you can click HERE for the website.

It's a pretty exciting time in town. All the yachties and shiny sailboats are in town taking up all the dock space. Lots of clean cut guys about town, a nice treat compared to the schooner bums usually milling about. Don't get me wrong, I love schooner boys, but sometimes it's nice to have a guy around that wears cologne, or at least showers more than once a week...

On the job front, it's pretty dim. The office job I was told I had in the bag turned out not to be in my bag at all due to a veto from the higher ups. Basically I am a 26 year old boat girl and the other lady up for the job is a 45 year old office girl. Bummer. Oh well, did I really want to be stuck in an office? I don't know. Maybe. So, I think I may try to go work at the Conch Farm which is a very busy bar and restruant at the marina. I know they make good money and at this point that is what I need. Money. The Jolly Rover is going well but I only get to work like 2 days a week because they have a full crew. Still applying for yacht jobs as well.

In other news, like an idiot, I tripped and fell down outside my apartment on friday night and busted my chin and upper lip on the sidewalk. Classy. Oh don't worry, my face broke my fall. I have all my teeth and didn't need stitches but it scared me. I am scabby. Gonna change my name to the Scabby Pirate Wench. I blame it on the fact that I was wearing my slick bottom cowboy boots when I haven't had to wear anything but flops for a while. Yeah. Boots. I'm not even gonna post the picture of my face because yall would just scold me and I don't wanna hear it. I know. I know what you are thinking and I know...

It sucks because no cute boys are gonna want to hang out with old crusty face (me) this week. I am a fast healer so I should be back in the game by Tuesday. :)