Sunday, January 18, 2009

My face... when it happened and today... and my hero Reno.

At 4am on Saturday Night.

This Morning.
My Cherokee hero Reno who picked me up off the ground and cleaned the blood off my face. (I don't know who the girl is) He has lovely hair. Nice boy. ;)


  1. I dunno. Cheaper than silicon injections, that's for sure.
    If I were you, I'd trip over every other week for movie star lips on a budget.

  2. Geez! No wonder you were scared! They look much better now, and like Seattle Heather said, boaty chics need to look tough.

    Do you need a flash light or does someone need to do some lawn work?

    Tell Reno I said thanks for taking care of you.

  3. WHAT? FLASHLIGHT? LAWN WORK? i don't get it.

  4. OWCH! That looks really painful, but you're right: you seem to be healing pretty fast!

  5. Well evidently you can't see in the dark so you need a flashlight and someone needs to do some lawn work to get the roots out of the walking path.... You're Dad and brother say you were hammered....

  6. Aaarrrrgh! Now you look like a real pirate girl. Glad nothing was broken. Look for some blood-colored lipstick and milk the Joli look for all it's worth, is my advice.