Thursday, September 11, 2008

HOLY CANOLI!!! I'm going crazy!

I got a call today from my Crew Account Manager, Kendra at Luxury Yacht Group in Ft. Lauderdale. She called just to say hi and touch base with me since I am leaving soon to join my new boat. She also wanted to make sure I was aware that I would be promoted to Chief Stewardess soon after my arrival on So Taj. I was a bit taken aback by her tone, she sounded a little concerned about the fact that I would be put "In charge" of the interior department so soon, as this is my first job on a megayacht. I assured her that yes, my Capt. did tell me she would like to promote me to Chief when the current Chief stew leaves. My Capt. and I spoke at lengths about my boating and service industry experience and I am certain that she wouldn't have considered me for the job if she didn't think I was 100% capable of rocking at it. Now I am nervous because it sounds like the current Chief Stew is leaving sooner than later and I am gonna have to pick his brain and cram for this crash course in So Taj Stewing! I am up for the challenge! Lots to learn in a short span of time. Now I am really really glad the boat is in the yard for the next month, that will give me some extra time to learn my way around and get used to the boat and procedures and crew.

In other news, Thanksgiving dinner was a delight! The cheesecake is sooooooo yummy! I am so full. After dinner I made mom a bento out of the leftover thanksgiving, you will have to check out her blog to see the pictures! haha!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

OH! What? It's September you say? Well, I know that!

I wasn't home for Thanksgiving or Christmas last year and probably won't be here for Christmas this year either, so Dad suggested we have Thanksgiving tonight! It's my favorite meal of the year! So, I have spent all morning making a home made from scratch Cheesecake!!! My favorite dessert in the world! Check this baby out!

In about an hour I will be popping the turkey in the oven and at about 5:30 we will start making the fixins!!!

This is a great day!

I hope the cheesecake tastes as good as it looks, I'm a little worried because I substituted "mexican sour cream" for the cup of sour cream the recipe called for. I don't really know the difference between "mexican" and "american" sour cream, except the mex sour cream was really runny. Kinda like us when we drink the water there...


I will let ya know!

For Maria!

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