Monday, December 1, 2008

Uncontrollable urge...

I watched the movie Connie and Carla the other day, and ever since I have had an uncontrollable urge to do my make up like a Drag Queen. I love drag. One of my best friends in Key West was the most beautiful drag queen in the world. Ivana Richmond.

Isn't he lovely? He doesn't have fake boobs or anythinglike that either!!! I promise. We had lot's of slumber parties and I would have known. He is fabulous!

I want to do my makeup where my eyebrows are covered with makeup and I have drawn on ones like an inch above where they should be.... :)They look fierce through this entire movie! We should all wear drag queen makeup. If not the eyebrows then DEFINITELY use fake lashes.

I really have too much time on my hands!

p.s. HELLO El Paso and Summerville, Texas!


Kirkland, Washington
Wilsonville, Oregon
Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!
Downtown Dallas, Texas
Strongsville, Ohio
Iceland! (Hi Duder!)
Le-puy-en-velay, France (oooh lala!)
Kobenhavn, Denmark!


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pic:Le-puy-en-velay, France

I reccommend...

everyone put their Ipods on "shuffle songs" and keep track of the first 10 songs they hear...

These are Mine:

My Chemical Romance: This Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You (creepy)

Queen: Somebody to Love (hmmm)

Moby: Porcelain (Makes me think of Thailand because it's on The Beach soundtrack)

Cross Canadian Ragweed: Maybe I Miss Your Body (ooo, ok!)

John Butler Trio: Trees (a hippy song, appropriate)

The Cure: Love Song (oh gee...)

Everclear: Local God (from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, love that movie)

Radiohead: Wolf at the Door (one of my top 5 bands, and a song that reminds me of my best friend Sean)

Robert Earl Keen Jr.: Gone On (lol, it's about a "fast" girl who is "gone on" down the road (:)

Cory Morrow: Uno Mas Cerveza (self explanatory)

There you have it! Your theme for the week.
What came next you ask???

A bonus track:

Billy Holiday: The Way You Look Tonight...

Just Lovely...

Music to love on Monday.

You will love this band. The Darkness. I love them, they are in my top 5 bands. I ordered this CD from the UK like 5 years ago when it came out and made all my friends listen to it until they loved it. Thanks Mayra for being the best roommate ever!

I dated a guy...

In St. Thomas. And he was really cool. But, I was torn between him...
he is an underwater welder

and the hippey boy I chose over him...

a lot of good that did me...

Lesson: Always go for the Alpha male.

True, the hippey was sweet, but he didn't have the balls to tell me when he was leaving or coming back for that matter... but there ya have it. Karma. Hope I have that all worked out now....

You see, I have nothing better to talk about right now than this because I am jobless.


Lucky Chocolate Glazed Torte Cake...

I will post the recipe tomorrow because I can't be bothered to walk into the kitchen and get it. So here's the thing.

I baked the cake like it said... I let it cool for 10 mins and flipped it out onto the cooling rack. I went about making the chocolate shiny glaze when I realized that the cake was falling in the center. I decided to flip it back over and use the rounded side as the top instead. Well... I flipped it and the middle fell out onto the counter through the cooling rack. Damn. So, being the genius I am I decided to get creative and fill the hole...

Yep, that's right! I filled the hole with marshmallows! I am a genius right?

Topped that sucker with the shiny chocolate glaze and VIOLA!!!

What hole? There's no hole in my cake!

I should really change the name to "Lucky Chocolate Glazed Torte Cake Surprise".

LOL I wonder what the Barefoot Kitchen Witch would say about this!!! :)