Monday, December 1, 2008

I reccommend...

everyone put their Ipods on "shuffle songs" and keep track of the first 10 songs they hear...

These are Mine:

My Chemical Romance: This Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You (creepy)

Queen: Somebody to Love (hmmm)

Moby: Porcelain (Makes me think of Thailand because it's on The Beach soundtrack)

Cross Canadian Ragweed: Maybe I Miss Your Body (ooo, ok!)

John Butler Trio: Trees (a hippy song, appropriate)

The Cure: Love Song (oh gee...)

Everclear: Local God (from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, love that movie)

Radiohead: Wolf at the Door (one of my top 5 bands, and a song that reminds me of my best friend Sean)

Robert Earl Keen Jr.: Gone On (lol, it's about a "fast" girl who is "gone on" down the road (:)

Cory Morrow: Uno Mas Cerveza (self explanatory)

There you have it! Your theme for the week.
What came next you ask???

A bonus track:

Billy Holiday: The Way You Look Tonight...

Just Lovely...


  1. I think I know two of those songs...
    (I am old).

  2. Tee hee Heather... you need to hang with the nieces more. Come to think of it I may only know 3!