Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guess what????

What I'm reading.

It's a novel for any ex-pat, islander, runaway, free spirit, traveller, ex-jack, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, wannabe islander, wannabe anything, and your every day person. If you've ever wondered what it's like to live in St. Thomas, or any other island, sit down and read. I am.

And you thought I was kidding...

Something I forgot...

I saw Sir Richard Branson the other day in Virgin Gorda! We were coming into the marina and I was admiring a dingy at the dock near where we tie up, only to realize that the man in the dingy was Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Records who owns an island called Necker Island very close to Virgin Gorda. Well you see, I see lots of people every day that I don't actually know but we wave at each other from the dock and whatnot, we are I guess you would say. So when I see Mr. Branson I just assume because I recognize him that I know him from the marina and I wave at him and say "hi good morning how are you today?" He waves and replies "I'm well how are you?" but this guy has an english accent, as I reply to him it clicks that I don't actually know him and I realize who he is but I just continue on about my business tying up my boat. He waves good bye and speeds away. So now, basically, we are friends now. Hahaha! Just kidding... but you never know, maybe I will get an invite to Necker Island! :) Oh and I have changed my layout to a plain one till I find another one I like. I was tired of the pictures being all funky.

Personal Maintenance Day!

Something I learned through my travels is that it seems a little bit harder to get things done when you live on an island or a boat for that matter. We all work hard and its rare to get a day off on a week day for me anyway. It seems lately my days off have been on the weekend or more specifically, Sunday. It's pretty much impossible to get anything done around here on a sunday. Banks are closed, post office is closed, sometimes the stores I like to shop at are closed on sundays, so things start to pile up on my list and when I get a day off on a weekday it becomes a "run around all day like a crazy person" day. Like today for example. I woke up at 9am which is soooooooo late compared to what time I usually get up. I headed out to get things done. Walked downtown which took about 30 minutes, cashed my check at Banco Popular which takes like an hour standing in line,then I tried to do some shopping. I bought some perfume which I needed, I ran out of perfume while I was in Australia and have been too cheap to buy any more, so basically I go out smelling like deodorant which isn't so bad considering I don't think half the people here even know what that is. I bought my Mom her Birthday and Mother's day presents, (oops! spoiled the surprise! Sorry mom!) On my way to the post office I walked past this little ice cream shop and I caught a glimpse of something I had not seen in like a year... A DR. PEPPER! I went straight in and grabbed it out of the cooler, paid the nice lady and sipped my frosty delicious beverage all the way to ship Mom's presents. Stood in line at the post office for about 30 minutes, then caught a safari over to Yacht Haven where I went to Hooters for lunch, I know, but I like the buffalo strips and it was 80's day and I love 80's music and the beers were cheap. After lunch I went to the pharmacy to buy hair dye, went to the grocery store for a few things, then took a safari home. It is now 3pm. It took me 6 hours to do all that. Seems like a long time to me. Productive yes, but my legs hurt from running all over the land! Now that I am back at home it's time for personal maintenance which those of you who have ever lived on a boat know all about. When you are a busy girl like me you tend to slack off in the girly pretty polished department. The rest of the afternoon will consist of, dying my hair, plucking my eyebrows, waxing, shaving, and otherwise torturing myself in the name of beauty. You gotta do it every once in a while or you start to look like those cavemen from the Geico commercials. I have also decided to give ya'll a glimpse of my cabana. This is what I have done so far to my bathroom, I painted the wall behind the mirror but I bought those little cocktail paintings here on island. They are my first REAL art purchase! I will post pics as I finish different areas of my little house so you can see it. Gotta get back to maintenance!