Saturday, July 5, 2008

I got bored.

I cut my hair. I took like 4 inches off my bangs. I am not wearing any make up and look like the night of the living dead. I gotta go have dinner with my fake boyfriend. bye.

Today's picture from the past...

This is me circa 2005, lowering the main on the Schooner Liberty. Love that boat. Miss sailing.

Dont freak out mom!

So, I used to watch the movie The Never Ending Story like every day when I was younger. My mom hates it. I watched it the other day on tv here and it freaked me out. What a crazy story! No wonder I turned out this way, I watched too much Never Ending Story and Goonies! Wait, you can never watch the Goonies too many times. Funny picture.

More pics of Jack the cat.

Ok so how about this boat?

This boat is way cool and it lives in St Thomas! So, I am checking into it. I think it rocks because they have a cat. Treazzure.

Un freaking believable.

So, I am at home, its 10am, and I was supposed to be at work at 7am. Thank god it was a small group on the boat today. I slept through my sleep alarm. I hit the snooze button, so I thought, and went back to sleep. At about 9am I woke up to the sun shining in my window, which never happens because I leave the house before the sun comes over the Mountain, and I freak out! I call my boss after plugging my now dead phone in, restarting it because I have no signal in my little casa, and I get no answer. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I call the office and talk to one of our office girls Dereen, she just laughs at me and says that Akim did come to work and there were only 20-something people, these things happen. Well this has never happened to me, I am always so early to work and I NEVER call in sick. She said she would tell Clement I called when he calls her. I am sure he was calling my cell and getting nothing because I live in a cave and I never have any reception! I am so mad at myself. I am surprised my body clock didn't snap me awake. I think I was just really tired because I worked a full trip yesterday, then I worked a busy trip for the fireworks last night, and it was way past my bedtime when I got off work that I just had to sleep. Hope I don't get fired. We don't have a boat tomorrow so my next work day is on Monday! woo hoo! I better get over to the bank and get a money order to send home. See ya!


I can't remember when I told you guys about Sebatian, my accidental boyfriend. It was a while ago, and he didn't call the next day like he said he would and so I immediately forgot about him. Well I was jut getting off work today but as it is the fourth of July I had to work tonight as well so I just went into Red Hook around the corner and ordered some food and when I went to the restroom, as I came out, I ran smack into Sebastian who I had not seen since the whole "you are my girlfriend" fiasco. He ran up and hugged me and exclaimed " I LOST YOUR NUMBER!" I said "THATS LAME! YOU SUCK! Then I sat at the bar and we chatted for a while, he was getting off work so I invited him out on the fireworks trip tonight, Sebastian, Meg and Killian came out as well as like 30 other paying customers. Ok I have to go to sleep its late I will write more tomorrow. Me and Sebastian are accidental boyfrined girlfriend again. uh oh. He is a nice boy. nite nite.