Saturday, July 5, 2008


I can't remember when I told you guys about Sebatian, my accidental boyfriend. It was a while ago, and he didn't call the next day like he said he would and so I immediately forgot about him. Well I was jut getting off work today but as it is the fourth of July I had to work tonight as well so I just went into Red Hook around the corner and ordered some food and when I went to the restroom, as I came out, I ran smack into Sebastian who I had not seen since the whole "you are my girlfriend" fiasco. He ran up and hugged me and exclaimed " I LOST YOUR NUMBER!" I said "THATS LAME! YOU SUCK! Then I sat at the bar and we chatted for a while, he was getting off work so I invited him out on the fireworks trip tonight, Sebastian, Meg and Killian came out as well as like 30 other paying customers. Ok I have to go to sleep its late I will write more tomorrow. Me and Sebastian are accidental boyfrined girlfriend again. uh oh. He is a nice boy. nite nite.


  1. Oh that's just great... just leave us hanging, like you are writing some kind of Agatha Cristie mystery. We sit here for days staring at Josh's missing face and now this. You are just like a soap opera on Friday... hang us out there like that go ahead, we'll wait!

  2. Yeah! How could you do this to us!!!!!

  3. he is the one who i told, "i will ruin your life you better leave me alone" he said "thats a risk im willing to take" hahah originally from texas, moved to boston when he was 12. crazy red sox fan like me. the picture of josh and the mention of him is purely because his family is worried about him and no one knows where he is. last heard from in england. Maria, put out a search vibe to your homeland, i keep telling them just go to every pub near the waterfront where the boat docked. you will find him.