Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy week so far!

I have been working at the boat show with Jen on her catamaran called Good Medicine. It's been fun but long long hours! We were cleaning and detailing the boat as well as prepping food for the show. Basically the charter boats sit at Yacht Haven Grand marina and all the brokers from all over the country and caribbean come tour the boats and talk to the crew and gather info for prospective charters. Jen and I made appetizers and cocktails for the events. We even made mini cheesecakes in... you guessed it Dad, MUFFIN TINS! Ha! They are awesome. We made cuban beef skewers with chimichuri sauce and some really cool tomato mozzarella balsamic skewers. I mixed up a big batch of mojitos to round out the theme. Work is slow, so it's a blessing that she needed my help this week! I work on Limnos on Friday and have no idea how I'm gonna get there!

In other news, I am thinking about joining the Coast Cuard Auxilliary here in St Thomas. Now, before you freak out... it's not the reserves or anything like that, it's a volunteer group that dispaches to help the USCG in the event they don't have a boat near by, they also do safety for events like the sailboat races and boat shows, as well as vessel inspections locally. They also teach you all these great life saving and survival skills. We will see...

There is a kitty asleep on my back. It came with the house. Very cuddly.

I love this place. It's so cool and airy and breezy! I have been sleeping very well! I would sleep alot better if I had stable work.

Soon come.

Above are pics of the house.