Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Internet for a few Seconds!!!

Ok, quickly.

Breakfast was a near disaster yesterday as I realized this boat was not equipt with the proper utinsels to cook breakfast... a.k.a. a skillet and proper spatula. And I forgot to get the Pam, which my mom will tell you is very important!!! "DID YOU SPRAY THE PAN?!!?!!?" So after a botched attempt at butter in a large pan and a shitty spatula and disgusting looking pancakes, I resorted to toast, fried eggs, bacon and a fruit plate. They were totally understanding. The dad was like "hey, if you haven't the proper tools how can we expect you to make things like that? Don't worry Jo, everything looks beautiful!" I tell ya, I am so blessed.

Ok, We took the ferry from Tortola to St. John so the guests could get their US visa's and I could show them around the town of Cruz Bay while Hal brought the boat over. They walked around while I scoped out places to get the last few things on my shopping list. We went to the Westin Resort to meet Hal at 3pm which is when they do the Iguana feeding at the hotel. Then we went to the boat, I made them a fruit and cheese tray and Hal dingied me to the bay to shop. We stopped for a beer or 3 at the Quiet Mon Pub, an irish pub on a tropical isle. Then we shopped and went back to the boat where I cooked up my speciality.... FAJITAS! I made beef for the parents and chicken for Steffi because she doesn't like beef. I went a bit overboard on the cayanne pepper I think because poor Steffi kept glugging water but she sure stuffed her face with seconds. They are from Scotland originally and said they don't get much mexican food over there but they LOVED it. :)

Today I did blueberry muffins, yogurt, a fruit tray and cereal for breakfast, we are headed to Great St James island for snorkeling this morning. For lunch, it's curry chicken salad sandwiches with chips and dip, and fruit, and a salad, and tonight I am making chicken carbonara pasta.

Dude, I'm a good cook....

Ok, from here we are headed to Francis Bay, St. John for the night then over to Jost Van Dyke and from there I really don't expect to have much service so I will write when I can!

Love ya!

Above, great st james island