Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dinner and a movie.

Well, my legs hurt! No pain no gain I guess. It's a lovely evening on the island and I just got finished cooking up a big pot of red beans and rice, grilled up some chicken on the grill by the pool, sliced it up and threw it in the pot with the red beans and rice and ate a big scoop for dinner! It's early, 5:15 now, but I figure if I eat early my food will digest and not sit in my tummy turning into fat while I sleep. While I was cooking up the RB&R, one of the local Frenchy homeless guys walked by my window and hollered "oh girl dat pot smellin good ya know!", I know this guy, he does a little work around the property for Doug every once in a while, cuts banana tree leaves out of walkways, climbs coconut trees to chop the ripe coconuts down so they don't fall on anyone, etc. Now as some of you may know, cooking for one is just no fun, and here I was with a big ole bubblin pot of cajun fare and no one to share with. So I started looking for Ratty, thats the Frenchy's name, but I couldn't find him. Maybe I will see him later. I fixed him up a plate. In other news, tomorrow we have a private charter! Me and Akim will be working and we will take the people to Virgin Gorda like we always do then they want to have lunch at the Peter Island Resort which is like 1000 bucks a night and the restaurant is freakin expensive too! They better buy us lunch... I am headed back up to my room to catch a flick and call it a night. OH! There is Ratty! Gotta go!

Running for my life!

This morning I woke up at 8:30am, snoozed for another hour, put my running shoes on and did my best impression of those freaks you see running down the road looking all fit and sweaty. I ran all the way to Nisky Center and back, walking of course every once in a while when I felt like I was about to die. All in all I am very proud of myself! I feel good. my shins are a little achy but i think its because I didn't stretch before I ran. How does one stretch a shin? Well, by the time I got back I was so hot and tired that I took my ipod and my shoes off and fell fully clothed straight into the pool. It felt so amazing. Then I stretched and put my swimsuit on and came down to the deck to blog. Just now Jill came out and told me to come in and have breakfast, its 11am, I am going! I am going to try to keep doing the running thing, I started doing the sit ups and push ups thing I was doing while I was in Australia again last night while watching the new CBS sunday UFC thing, I tell ya, I just love MMA. Makes me wanna get all tough and punch things! They had a chick fight on last night too and man, I don't ever wanna be in the ring with that Gina Carano chick. She's all pretty and sweet in the interviews and then BAM! You should see what she did to the other girl's face! I'm all pumped up and ready to rock! Time for brekky!