Sunday, August 24, 2008


I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY! I am gonna be sooooooooooooooo freakin aaaawwwwesome at my new job! (Wherever it may be,whenever I get it.) I have been thinking about nothing much the past week or so and damnit! I am tired of it! I am always looking for something better, because I strongly believe that something different is always something better. Coglan's law rings true for me. Be that as it may, anytime a job starts getting tough I start looking for a new one. I'm not one to soldier on too long before running for the hills. Is this a real problem? I don't think so. I refuse to be unhappy in my job even though lord knows I have been. When it gets sucky I get froggy. Hip hop hooray and I am outta there! Even now, I am thinking about the new yacht adventure I am setting out on and I have already started planning my escape route at the 6 month "run for your life" mark. Why do I do that? Am I afraid that I will be good at something? I am good at everything I do! (wow do I sound conceited) I think on this next adventure I will go into it with an open mind and an open calendar. ;) I will do my very best at whatever I need to do, and just ride it out as long as I can, for pete's sake the money is good and there are health benefits!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So I'm getting prepared for this, it's a little different than what I'm used to, thank goodness I spent a month or so on Francine last year, gave me a lil taste of the life. AHHHHHHHHHHH to be inspired again! I'm gonna give my guitar to Carlos this weekend, he tried to say goodbye to me today like I was leaving tomorrow! Haha poor lil feller! Did I tell yall about the time he told me I had a "bad genius" hahah I think so. Anyway. Oh mom, there should be a few packages coming in the mail for me, one small one from Geelizzie, and 2 that look like books cuz thats what they are! Keep an eye out! Love ya!

Smile for the day!!!

I posted this about a year ago but no one was reading my blog then, I thought all you schoonie sailors would enjoy this. It's aboard the Stavros S Niacros or something like that I believe. What a great video!

More Chili Cookoff

A little squall to cool us off!

Alex decides to juggle! He went to clown school after all...

Jim Steph and me

Dana Me and Alex... ahhh i love my life.

The Betsy's bar chili crew accepting First Place! Yaaaaaaaay!

The Chili Cookoff!

There were nothing but Texas flags and Texas people all over the beach!

Capt Jim and Mango brought Bones over so we could play on the pirate ship in between chili tastings.
Mango Swings

Even old Jim gives it a shot!

Alex and Dave with the Can People! Later that day it got so hot that they "condensated" their marriage! lol

A view down Brewers Bay Beach at the Chili Booths

Finally uploaded pics from when the fam visited.

Me and the Fam on the "big" island of Jost Van Dyke

Me and the Fam at Marina Cay, off the coast of Tortola

Tee hee!!!