Sunday, August 31, 2008

That's how I roll!

more animals

I sent the boys off on a kayak adventure to Hassle Island just across the channel from my house. They are going over to check out the ruins from the old days of pirates and tall ships from 1867. There is a trail that goes from the boat house up to the old yellow fever hospital and then on up to the top of the mountain where they recently uncovered a fort. I'm sure they will have fun dodging iguanas and coconuts.

While they are away I will be packing and doing laundry! I will somehow fit all my stuff into 2 bags. I think I can do it, I got rid of a lot of clothes I don't wear or wont wear anymore. I am dreading going shopping when I get home. All I really need is a couple pairs of jeans and some socks. I have my boots and stuff at home so thats good. I cant wait to wear boots again... I really hope the weather doesn't effect us in our travels on Wed. I bet I will have delays flying from Orlando to Dallas. Thanks Gustav.

The weather here is fine, hot, partly cloudy but very very still. Not so much as a breeze!

Just 3 more days till I am home!


So just to update ya'll on the itinerary... I will be home in Dallas on Wednesday (weather permitting), I fly to Seattle, Washington on the 15th where I will live in an apartment till the yacht goes back into the water, then we will all move aboard where I have my own cabin! We will stay in Seattle through October and then move the boat down to Marina Del Rey, California at the beginning of November. All I know is I am going to freeze my ass off! I just looked at the weather in Seattle and its 56 freakin degrees!!! Thats colder than I have been in a year and a half at least! I'm gonna have to wear shoes!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh... oh my.

I am hungover for the first time in ages!!! Last night I took my brother and his buddy out for a Friday Night Island Style! We tied one on... we "drank our faces off" as my brother said. We had to carry Zach up all the stairs at Villa Olga, you see Jeff and I were born with the tolerance of much older alcoholics, we maintained through the 10 Jagermeister shots and 14 beers. Wow. Now I have to wake them up so we can go sailing on Doubloon! I'm taking bets on how long it will take for Zach to throw up over the side, I give him 25 mins. Bye!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's official!!!

I am the new Setwardess aboard the 125ft yacht So Taj! Woo hoooooooo! I am really excited! I fly from Dallas to Seattle on Sept. 15th and then a couple of weeks later we take the boat down to Marina Del Rey! Oh my gosh!!!! L.A. HERE I COME! Then we will spend the winter bee bopping between Cali and CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO!!! Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Maria, you must get back to your boat so we can meet up! I will only be like 300 miles away from San Carlos! Ok, I am so happy! My captain is a chick! And she sounds so badass. She is already giving me a hard time about having so much sea time and no license. She wants to help me get my ticket and my sea time letters processed. She sounds totally girl power, I can't wait to meet her. Well, I'm off to the pool!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty boring around here.

I have spent alot, I mean ALOT of time online the past few days. I have been searching for crew resources, new websites, networking sites all that, as well as shopping for a few things I really needed to buy online that I can't get here on island and that I won't have time to look for when I get to TX. Things like Julie Perry's book, The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess. You can check her out by clicking HERE. Not that I have never worked on yachts or anything but reading her exerpts and actually talking to her online for the past year I think she has lots of good tips for anyone in the business. Can't wait to read it! I also bought a new power cord for my Mac online for half the price it was at the mac store here on island.
In other news, I have really enjoyed getting to know the new It really seems like a great site for yachties. I guess the agenda for today will include, picking up my paycheck, going to the bank (which will take 4 hours), and coming home to finish blowing up this giant air mattress for my brother and his buddy who are coming to visit tomorrow for a week. They better love that mattress because I spent 5 hours blowing that thing up by mouth and I came really close to passing out like 4 times. You would think someone would have an air pump around here with all the RIB's and dingys. It's almost blown up all the way, I just couldn't blow anymore air in it last night.
This time next week I will be at home in Allen, TX probably making lunch for my dad. It's probably gonna be grilled cheese sandwiches with a pickle and an oreo on the side. Thats what he used to make me and Jeff when we were little. :)
That sounds so good right now. Too bad I had to throw a half a loaf of bread away yesterday because it was moldy. I hate that about living here! Everything molds so fast! I bought that bread 2 days before I had to trash it. Sometimes you buy bread and its ALREADY moldy! Oh only 6 more days....
I will miss it here, but only the good stuff, like the people and the water.
I will not miss the PUEBLO GROCERY STORE!

Time to heat up some leftover BBQ from last night! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I found a cool new website!

It's called Dockwalk. You can go there by clicking HERE! It's cool, you can see other yachts and crew and their itineraries. I figure this will be a good way to do a little research on whatever yachts I apply with... tee hee!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY! I am gonna be sooooooooooooooo freakin aaaawwwwesome at my new job! (Wherever it may be,whenever I get it.) I have been thinking about nothing much the past week or so and damnit! I am tired of it! I am always looking for something better, because I strongly believe that something different is always something better. Coglan's law rings true for me. Be that as it may, anytime a job starts getting tough I start looking for a new one. I'm not one to soldier on too long before running for the hills. Is this a real problem? I don't think so. I refuse to be unhappy in my job even though lord knows I have been. When it gets sucky I get froggy. Hip hop hooray and I am outta there! Even now, I am thinking about the new yacht adventure I am setting out on and I have already started planning my escape route at the 6 month "run for your life" mark. Why do I do that? Am I afraid that I will be good at something? I am good at everything I do! (wow do I sound conceited) I think on this next adventure I will go into it with an open mind and an open calendar. ;) I will do my very best at whatever I need to do, and just ride it out as long as I can, for pete's sake the money is good and there are health benefits!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So I'm getting prepared for this, it's a little different than what I'm used to, thank goodness I spent a month or so on Francine last year, gave me a lil taste of the life. AHHHHHHHHHHH to be inspired again! I'm gonna give my guitar to Carlos this weekend, he tried to say goodbye to me today like I was leaving tomorrow! Haha poor lil feller! Did I tell yall about the time he told me I had a "bad genius" hahah I think so. Anyway. Oh mom, there should be a few packages coming in the mail for me, one small one from Geelizzie, and 2 that look like books cuz thats what they are! Keep an eye out! Love ya!

Smile for the day!!!

I posted this about a year ago but no one was reading my blog then, I thought all you schoonie sailors would enjoy this. It's aboard the Stavros S Niacros or something like that I believe. What a great video!

More Chili Cookoff

A little squall to cool us off!

Alex decides to juggle! He went to clown school after all...

Jim Steph and me

Dana Me and Alex... ahhh i love my life.

The Betsy's bar chili crew accepting First Place! Yaaaaaaaay!

The Chili Cookoff!

There were nothing but Texas flags and Texas people all over the beach!

Capt Jim and Mango brought Bones over so we could play on the pirate ship in between chili tastings.
Mango Swings

Even old Jim gives it a shot!

Alex and Dave with the Can People! Later that day it got so hot that they "condensated" their marriage! lol

A view down Brewers Bay Beach at the Chili Booths

Finally uploaded pics from when the fam visited.

Me and the Fam on the "big" island of Jost Van Dyke

Me and the Fam at Marina Cay, off the coast of Tortola

Tee hee!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quickly! Before my power cord melts through!!

I electrical taped my cord together so I could get some power to check email and give a little update! I am totally bored and broke! I got to work one day this week, got food poisoning on monday and was down for 2 days, down to my last 25 bucks till my card gets here, probably gonna spend half of it on hair color because my roots are OUT OF CONTROL! Hey, just cuz im poor doesn't mean I have to look like it. Other than that I have given lots of old clothes to Jill to pass out to the local crackheads and I have already seen them sporting their new duds around Frenchtown. hahah! I'm like, those are my shorts, shirts... at least someone is using them. I am trying to fit all my stuff into 2 suitcases and a huge backpack so today I am doing a mock pack to see just how much I need to get rid of. Its gonna suck. In other news, Jeff and Zack will be here on Thurdsay and we will have sooooo much fun! Jeff wants to get SCUBA certified while he is here so I'm gonna call in the favor to my buddy Toby who I met at the airport while waiting for my Mom and Aunt to fly in a month or so ago. He is a SCUBA instructor. Honestly nothing is going on here, I hang out in my apt all day because I can't do anything else. I should at least be hanging by the pool and soaking up the sun. Hmmmmm that sounds nice, gotta go!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sniff Sniff....

What's that smell? Does anyone else smell that? Smells like burning plastic.... HOLY HELL ITS MY COMPUTER CHARGE CORD!!!! So... um... I will be on hiatus till mom sends my ATM card to me. Then and only then will I be able to buy a new cord which costs a cool hundred luke. Mac rocks till you have to replace something or fix something. Shit... Glad I was awake when that thing went... coulda burnt down my lil concrete abode.

I have a new Hollywood (London) crush.

His name is Russell Brand and he is a comedian. Oh my. I don't know if it's the crazy hair or the tight pants or the eyeliner that gets me but... whew! I am in LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV! He is absolutely hilarious. Look him up or watch the MTV awards on Sept. 7th, I know I will be.

Sometimes I feel like I am advertising for free on my blog.... Maybe one day I will get a kickback in the form of my name on the list at awesome clubs in NYC or LA.... If I ever go there. Ahhhhh I'm just an old dancehall dreamer....

and we wonder why I have problems with men......


I found ten bucks total while doing my laundry today! Now I can afford to go to the chili cook-off! I am riding over with Jill and Doug at 10am, which is about 2 hours earlier than I have been getting out of bed these days. I better go to sleep early tonight, plus that I might actually have to work on Monday so I need to get back in the swing of waking up early. I will be volunteering at the Betsy's Bar booth helping out with Jill and Doug so at least I will be putting myself to good use! Yay! Things are looking up!

Friday, August 15, 2008



blogger isnt letting me upload the pic of my new haircut. i will try later.

I cut my hair!

I took about 5 inches off and damn it feels good! My hair was so damaged from sun and salt that I would turn into dredlocks if I didnt brush it out like 4 times a day. I just put it in a low pony tail and CHOP! I think I did a damn good job for cutting my hair with old office scissors I snatched off Jill's desk. Gotta go put those back now. What do yall think?

I survived!

It rained ALL NIGHT I mean, it had to have been at least 10 hours straight, lots of thunder and lightning but no power outages or leaks in the roof! A successful storm! I am still trying to tie down a job on a megayacht but I will have better luck when I am home and ready to go, I am not technically available for another month so my girl can't really put me up for anything because these guys that need crew need it now. It's all good though, It's the off season for everyone. Speaking of, hopefully I will go to work tomorrow so I will have some cashola, the chili cook off is Sunday and I really wanna go!
In other news, I have taken to drinking water out of an old Absolute Vodka bottle. It fits nicely in my little fridge and really makes people wonder when they see me outside on the phone swilling out of a vodka bottle, no chaser. I sure wish it was vodka but I cant afford booze. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's here.

The big blob has just hit. It's raining really hard but nothing to bad. Just your tropical update.

An uneventful Tropical Storm

Well, according the the Weather Channel, the thing is right on top of us and causing lots of rain and wind... Yeah, it's not raining a drop and there is no wind whatsoever. They really suck at predicting our weather. We cancelled the boat trip tomorrow because of this so called weather system. So, I had a really weird dream last night, first I won the lottery, 48,000 dollars to be exact, then my friend cut off my hair when I wasn't looking. What the hell does that mean? I know I need a haircut but this was like a malicious sneaky haircut. And as far as the lotto goes, someone once told me "don't spend your last ten dollars on lotto tickets and booze" so that idea is out. I really wish my atm card would come in the mail so I would have money. At least I spent my last cash on groceries. Thats a good step in the right direction. Well, I am gonna stay up late and watch movies and play solitaire on my ipod because that's how exciting my life is. Can you say "island fever"? Meg is out of town till the 27th and I always feel like I have no friends when she is gone. She is on the Jersey Shore right now at her family's beach house and they are doing New England-ie things like having lobster bakes and crab boils and all the family and cousins are there and yesterday she was teaching her little cousin how to surf. How cool is that? Well, I really can't wait to see my brother and then my dad when I get home. I really miss them. Hopefully I can get down to visit my Grandparents too. We will see.

Night Night!


Like, a HUGE swirly round storm about to smack us! I'm tellin ya, I think I am a hurricane magnet. They haven't had a hurricane here in over 10 years and I come down and bam, they are lining up one after another! Happened in Key West too, there were more hurricanes there in the 2 years I lived there than they ever had before. Does that sentence have too many Th-words in it? There they than the ..... Whatever. So I guess Jill and Doug went to the store to stock up on supplies for the next day or two of storms. Its not a Hurricane yet but they are talking about upgrading it to a tropical storm soon. Geez. Good thing I live in the hurricane proof concrete cave! Yesssssss! OH they just decided to name it FAYE! Thanks alot Faye!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My interview in Ft. Lauderdale!

It went great! Before the lady even got off the phone with me she had a boat she thought I would fit well with. She sent my info over to the captain of a 140ft megayacht in SEATTLE! Coolest thing, the captain is a chick! The boat is in the yard right now having a refit and they hope to splash her at the beginning of next month which is perfect for me! Not only is Jeff coming to visit me but after his visit I am going home. I need to go visit my dad and friends and get clothes and oh yeah shoes too. I don't think you can wear flip flops year round in Seattle. I didn't take the job yet nor have I heard from the captain but the itenerary sounds good! And the pay! They are heading south from Seattle stopping in California and going on to Mexico for the winter! Aye caramba! I do like tequila... I could handle some mexico. So I told the lady in Lauderdale that I wanted to have at least a week at home before high tailing it to a new boat. She said she didn't think it would be a problem finding me a job whenever I wanted to leave. Cool.

Yesterday I worked, it was a good trip. Made some cashola, now I am sitting at Offshore bar using their free internet because mine is down at Villa Olga. Blah. It's so annoying. This bar is so smokey and cold! I wish I had a comfy chair to curl up in like people do at Starbucks.

Oh I am soooooooo excited to go home! I can't wait! It's going to be so fun! I can't wait to eat Taco Bell. It's been over a year since I last had it! That and Sonic, and Taco Cabana!!!! Yessssssssssss.

Well thats about all I have to say.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture for comparison...

He is pretty much making the same face in this pic, like brother like sister. Yeah my bro drinks like I do...

He is second from the left.

My poor brother. No wonder he never calls... hahahhahah what are sisters for?

ACTUALLY MY BROTHER IS COMING TO VISIT ME IN TWO WEEKS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And he is bringing a friend. We are gonna be like kids at camp, all in my little apt. It's preparing them for backpacking in Europe.


I saw this picture and I thought it was my brother! It looks just like him! I thought to myself, when did Jeff get tattoos and where is he singing karaoke???? Turns out this is not my brother. It is the lead singer for a band called Theory of a Dead Man. Wow.


I have phone interview on Wednesday! 11am, with the Luxyacht people. So hopefully things will get rolling with my job placement! Whew! I was starting to worry! NO wonder I haven't heard from any of the boats I replied YES to, they haven't forwarded my resume along to anyone who asked for it! They said I had to have an interview before they referred me to anyone. I'm thinkin.... WELL HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't ya think I should have been informed of that!? Man, cuz I am tellin ya, I have never not had a job when I applied for it. Like never! I'm sitting here thinking, is there something wrong with my resume? What the hell? Is my phone broken? Is my email broken? No. They just forgot to call me for my interview. So thank goodness last night I emailed and asked what the hell was going on, today I got a call and I have my interview on Wed. Whew! Here we go!

Where do yall think I should go?

The first place is where the boat is now, then where its going. Help me out!

What should my itenerary be?

New England/Caribbean
New England/Florida
New Orleans/New England
South Carolina/Florida/Caymans/Mex
Martha's Vinyard/Fort Lauderdale
Central America/California/Alaska

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

For Lyvvie...

Click HERE

Go on... move to Melbourne... I dare ya....

heheehehheheheheh just kiddin...

My new song.

When I heard it I wanted to cry! I am learning to play it on the guitar, and the "you" she's talking about in the song (for me) is not any stupid boyfriend or anything like that, It made me immedeately think of my best friend Sean Canniff in Boston. I miss him so much. I have a feeling I will be seeing him soon!

Brandi Carlile
The Story

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you
I climbed across the mountain tops
Swam all across the ocean blue
I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules
But baby I broke them all for you
Because even when I was flat broke
You made me feel like a million bucks
You do
I was made for you
You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No, they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what
I've been through like you do
And I was made for you...
All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you

To hear the song click HERE


I don't remember if I mentioned Kath & Kim while I was in Australia, but it is an absolutely hilarious Australian comedy show and now they have decided to make it over for the usa. Well, I hope they do a damn good job because the aussie version is flawless! So funny....

Here take a look

seriously... take the time to let it load and watch it. you are gonna pee in your pants.

Here's the deal... Kath is Kim's mom, she's getting married, this is her "hen's night" which is what aussies call bachelorette parties...


Can I just tell yall how much I LOVE the Olympics??? I do! I watched the opening ceremonies the other day and I am telling ya, I shed a tear. And I can't tear myself away from it to watch anything else! I am watching diving now. I watched Phelps win the gold last night and I am gonna stay up and watch him tonight! I guess it's the whole patriotic thing. I can remember being so young and singing the olympics song and jumping off buckets and couches and pretending I was a gymnast. "TA DAAAAAAAA!" So I'm gonna get back to watching. Oh and today I got out a bit and went over to Carlos's place and played a little guitar, I almost gave him my guitar today but I figured I would wait till I leave. I told him I was leaving and he was kind of upset. He said "Maybe you will change your mind" ha ha then I made some bitchy comment and he said "You have a bad genius" I'm like WHAT? Carlos just moved here from Puerto Rico and some things are lost in translation, it's so fun to talk to him because he understands everything just has a hard time with some phrases in english. After I laughed for a minute or so, I said "You mean bad ATTITUDE I have a bad ATTITUDE!" Haha! He blushed and I laughed some more. Then he said "What happens to your stupid boyfriend?" HAHAHAA! I really cant get over this guy, hes hilarious! I said we broke up and he said "See? It's your genius. Your attitude." So Carlos in all his Puerto Rican clairvoyance has decided that it's my fault. He is wrong. Hahahah! My genius is just fine. Well today I got to go in the house with no windows, as in there is no glass or screens, it was amazing. It is the coolest house ever. Sadly they moved the old man up to Baltimore who lived there for 70 years so it just feels so empty. Amazing but empty. I would bet money that when he dies he will come back to that house. I know I would. Ok I am really going now!

Night Night!

My Australian Slideshow

With the Aussie band Faker as my musical choice! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slideshow time!

I just made a slideshow of my time in Savannah up till my time in the Bahamas. Take a look! I am working on others...

View this montage created at One True Media
Savannah Ga to Bahamas, 2007


I FINALLY GOT MY VOICEMAIL SET UP ON MY CELL! I have had this phone for months... I have never set up my voicemail because whenever I call to try it my robot lady is speaking spanish! As hard as I try I can't understand her only when she says "regresar" or telefono numero diez digits. So I have been trying and trying and screaming ENGLISH!!! into the phone for months and then finally today, there was an english robot telling me to press 1 for english. Thank you Jesus! So I finally got a human on the phone but as always the girl was an idiot and when I got off the phone nothing was fixed. I called back and waited another 15 mins on hold but got a cute sounding guy and I have had a glass or two of wine so I was real sweet to him and wouldn't ya know it.... I HAVE VOICEMAIL AND THERE ARE NO MORE SPANISH SPEAKING LADIES ON MY PHONE!!!! I tell ya, wine will save the world. If I was wine-less I would have been all pissed off about the first lady and taken it out on the guy but hey, I am feelin warm and fuzzy so we got it all worked out. One love. So yall can call me! And leave me messages! And dont be mad if i dont answer the phone because i cant see who it is when you call so unless its a cingular customer it says Anonymous call and I dont answer those. so creepy. Leave a message!

Get up stand up.
Stand up for your voicemail rights!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


WHY IS THAT PICTURE SO BIG?!??! I am trying to get it to shrink down... in the mean time, WATCH OUT! Don't let that big ole picture of me scare ya!

Decisions, decisions....

Summertime.... and the livin' is easy....

Well, kinda. I am trying to figure out what to do! Should I go ahead and take my Capt. License course here in STT or wait it out and take it in the spring? Should I work on a megayacht for the winter or stay here in STT and work on a snorkel boat? Is there such a thing as too much sea time? I have been totaling up my sea time...

I have approximately 1030 days at sea. You only need 720 days to get your 100 Ton Masters. So basically the last 300 days I have spent on the water I was "slacking off". Hmm.

I talked to my good friend Johnny O of Southie, Boston yesterday. He has been working on the water forever, we used to work on the Liberty together in Key West. He gave me hell about not having my license yet. Here is a picture of Johnny O. He is my Hero.

This is on the tall ship Corwith Cramer I believe. Johnny has been working for SEA, the Sea Education Association for a long time, they run 2 tall ships out of Woods Hole MA. He teaches college students about sailing and probably a little more about drinking. I love it.

But he is right! I should have my license!!! At this point it's slow season and I can't afford to take the course right now so I may just have to wait till spring. I was planning on moving home to Texas in the spring anyway and there are Captain's schools there in Houston and in Corpus Christy so I can always do that when I get home!

Just a little blurb.

When you live alone and you get creative with meals so you dont have to cook a meal every night, you find yourself buying food you never thought you would! Case in point, Hungry Jack instant mashed potatoes! I have tried the Roasted Garlic and Skins, and the Cheesey Mashed Potatoes and both are DELICIOUS!!! It's so easy, you just pour the mix in a bowl, add water and microwave! Flippin fabulous. It makes enough for like 3 helpings at least, probably 5 if you eat a normal amount of potatoes, but I am not normal. So, that's my 2 cents.

I also eat a lot of tuna fish sandwiches and Ramen noodles, maybe this is why I have heartburn. Who knows. Killian is on an "Alkali" diet, I asked him if he likes "AA" or "AAA" better? Yeah thats Alkaline. Anyway he is on the battery diet because he has such bad heart burn. Think I will look into that.

Ok. gotta finish cleaning my apt. I am throwing away clothes I never wear and stuff I don't need. Just in case I get a job and have to go.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have had heartburn for 4 days, and this morning I had cramps so bad it woke me up at 5am and I couldn't even get out of bed till 9am. The cramps subsided for a few hours but now they are starting again. I used to have bad cramps like this when I was in high school but it's been years since I have had them like this. I really hope I can get rid of them and it doesn't happen tomorrow morning. I had to miss work and I need to work because I put in my 2 weeks notice. Ok thats all I can write.

Oh before I go, THANK YOU TO MY UNCLE MICHAEL AND AUNT DIANE FOR THE CARE PACKAGE!!!! I LOVE MY HAT. I never want to take it off! I wore it to see my friend Becca's band play last night and it was a huge hit. It drew alot of attention, not that I need any help. I had my hair all curled and pretty and I even wore lipstick. Josh was there and spoke in my general direction but I just pretended my hat was in the way of his voice and walked away. Hell hath no fury. Well the cramps are really kicking and Im going to lie down on the cold tile floor because thats the only thing that helps.

Love yall.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Tomorrow, I will go back to work. Because I am a sucker. I have talked it over with friends who have been in the same position and they think I am an idiot. But at this point I just need cash. And I can't leave Clement with no crew to run on but a drunk lazy dude when he has a boat of 30 something people. I just don't have the heart. I am holding out for a yacht job. I think thats a good idea for the winter. Work hard and save up a bunch of money. Speaking of being walked on, I got a call from the dockmaster at the marina I wanted to work at. I thought for sure when i answered the phone he was calling because he wanted me to come work for him. Think again. He is calling to tell me that "you probably won't be interested because you are leaving and all but there is a charter boat looking for a chef/deckhand and I just wanted to put the word out. But you probably don't want to do that. Anyway I was wondering, because I have the day off tomorrow, if I could go out on your boat?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? No. No. No. He should have called and said "Hey I only told you about the job at the marina so you would sit next to me at the bar, what I really want with this call is to go for a free ride on your boat." Fock.

Anyway, I put my crew resume back online at my crew agencies and hopefully I will get some info back this week so I can make a decision. Here's what I'm thinking. I get a job on a mega yacht for 8 months, but I keep my apt. here in STT in case I don't like the job or whatever, I can afford to do that and that way I don't have to pack my apt up and whatnot. Also, my fam and friends can stay at my place if they decide to visit STT. Working on a yacht would also cut out some expenses like, happy hour, food, happy hour, need I say more?

I have to say, when I do finally leave my little casa for good, I will be filled with sadness. Sad for the times that will never be again. Sad because the happiness I felt there was only fleeting. Happy for all the same reasons. I wish I could bottle up all the happy and take it along. I suppose I can. If only in my head.

I think I will find the library on my next day off. I really miss the library. I used to check out so many books I couldn't finish them before the due date. I loved that. Now I sit in my room all day and exhaust myself trying to find things to entertain myself online. Today I actually played Sudoku for hours. I wanna read and be entertained by someone else's thoughts instead of my own. Mine can get boring.

I will not get up at 5am anymore. I will not go out of my way to make sure the boat is ready on time just because I want to. I will get to work at the alotted time. 7am. Which means I am not leaving my house any earlier than 6am. I am over the "above and beyond" I'm gonna do something I have never done before. Act like an average employee. One that doesn't give a shit about anything but doing my job and going home, one who doesn't care about anything but themselves. We'll see how that works. I fucking hate it already. I need a job where people appreciate when others go out of their way to make sure life runs smoothly. I am afraid the only way that will happen if I am my own boss. Maybe someday.

My brother called me last night. It was so nice to hear from him, if only for a min. He just wanted to tell me he was coming to visit. I said he better hurry up. I may be gone in a month. I really want him to see the islands.

Can I just say, the easy mac I am having for dinner really brings out the complex flavors of my Bombay Sapphire and grape juice. Stay classy yall.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


SICK AND TIRED OF BEING WALKED ALL OVER! TIRED OF BEING PUNISHED FOR BEING A GOOD EMPLOYEE! TIRED OF BUSTING MY ASS AND NOT GETTING ANY COMPENSATION! This morning I finally took a stand. I can't believe I did it. I shouldn't feel bad about it but I do of course. Here's how it goes at work, I get there early and set up the whole boat because I have to do it by myself because my co-worker never shows up on time and if I got there at 7am like we are told to we would never get the boat ready in time for the guests. Ok so I set up the boat and usually my co-worker strolls in at about ten after seven and gets bags of ice for the day. Thats all he does. I do all the paper work for customs and immigration which takes a while and is just a pain in the ass. Then I spend all day chatting with the guests, telling my life story 15 times a day, then I lead the tour through the baths park and do all the talking and ushering. I bust ass. Then I put all the lunch stuff away and make up a snack tray for the afternoon, I don't know where my co-worker is when all this is going on, then he gets pissy when he has to hand out the snorkel gear "all by himself", well guess what?!?!?!?! I am tired of it! This morning he calls the captain and says he is not coming in to work because he stayed out all night drinking. So there are only 21 people booked so thats fine with me, I would rather work alone and make all the tips myself instead of him coming along hungover and watch him curl up in the snorkel gear cabinet and sleep it off the first half of the day. I already have all the people on the boat and he shows up!!! its 7:50. We leave at 8. I tell him to go home because he gets away with this shit all the time and I get the short end of the stick. The capt wants him on the boat. He is probably still drunk and I don't even want to see him, so the capt tells me i can just go home then. WELL OK! ITS BETTER THAN BEING WALKED ALL OVER LIKE I HAVE BEEN FOR 6 MONTHS!!! My capt and I talk on the dock for a bit, but I just can't shake my anger. I just know that the message I would be sending if I got back on the boat would have been "yep he got away with it again, we can always count on jolea, walk all over her and she will still work no matter what. " Im done being guilt tripped into this shit. No wonder they cant keep crew, no one likes to be trampled on. I can't believe I have taken it this long. He shouldn't get away with just showing up drunk whenever he wants. I wake up at 5am and ride on a safari for 45 mins every morning just to go to work. I do it. I don't go out drinking when I have to work in the morning because I am an ADULT! I may not have acted like an adult this morning but sometimes you have to do things you dont want to do to get your point across. If I get fired then so be it. I don't know where I will work but things always work out. I have faith in myself and the universe that everything will be ok. I hate being unhappy at work. I feel sick. I probably have an ulcer. I am constantly worried about a job that shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun and it's not. I feel sorry for my capt because now he has to deal with a drunk or hungover crew member all day. I have a headache now. I have so many good things in my life and so many blessings, i just wish my job was one of them. THIS IS A RANT AND I AM FULL AWARE OF THAT. The end.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

While dodging bullets...

one has to remember that's exactly what she is doing. Sometimes you let yourself get caught up in the emotion of a certain situation instead of looking at it logically and realizing it's a blessing from above. Things end, and thats ok. Especially when they end with someone who is an alcoholic in a long line of alcoholics and non communicating men. Even though it may be sad for a few days, in the days that follow you will end up much happier with much more knowledge about ones-self than you went into the relationship with in the first place. Case in point, Moi. Josh is done. Over. As it has been since I first left him in December to go to Australia. I never put my finger on it till day before yesterday, but he said it plain as day, "You left first." Well there you have it. I guess he didn't see any fault in anything he did because clearly "I left him first." Oh well, I have always been a leaver. Ask around.
I finally get to work tomorrow after a few days of slow rainy weather. I feel great! It's shark week as some of you may know. And I have drifted to sleep every night this past week watching every man eating shark show you can think of, thus putting me into a sound sleep about sharks and shark attacks, thus making me terrified to go to work. I am especially horrified because I think I will be eaten by a Sand Tiger. Here he is.
I'm not kidding, that image has not been doctored! Thats a real thing that lives in the ocean that I have to get in every day.
So today I bought a bootleg DVD from the bootleg guy for five dollars. Sex and the City. Two things that I miss very much. (Sorry mom) Instead of dreaming of sharks I am going to drift off to one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It makes me so happy. I just got done watching it and I couldn't be happier for myself, for the characters in the film, for my plans, for my life in general. My life has almost nothing to do with that movie but I really love all the characters in their own special way. I hate that Samantha broke up with Smith but that's beside the point. I am ready to be back in the real world. I am ready to be in charge of my own life. I want something more exciting than getting up at 5am to drag tourists through boulders and jellyfish to make a dollar. I need to be more important than I feel. I miss friends. I miss lunch dates. That's not the point.
The point is I have realized my goal again. I lost it for a week. I am here to save up a bunch of cash to get myself a head start in Austin. I really think I would rock at a public relations or marketing job. Can you just see it???? I can.
Also on a way different note... I want to spend New Years Eve in Boston with Sean. I have been running from winter for a long time and watching Sex and the City and the snow and how pretty New York was in the winter, I need to see Sean anyway. I wanna wear furry clothes and big boots, if only for a week.
I fell off for a week and I apologize to everyone involved. I love my life. I love being me. I may get a haircut and dye my hair this week while I'm at it.



p.s. while I am at it, i have to mention the complete disregard for our feelings in the case of MANNY RAMIREZ getting traded to the fucking DODGERS!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? my redsox are falling apart. first Johnny Damon now Manny. I may have to watch the White Sox more often because at least I have Nick Swisher. And I love him.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Morning World!

Ah.... Nice sleep. I feel like heading to Yacht Haven to scope out jobs. I will stop at Badass Coffee for a frozen coffee and have a nice stroll around the marina. Maybe I will run into Meg or Killian, that would be nice. I'm swearing off the booze for a bit. The other night I did a number on myself and everyone around me I think. It's hard to realize if you act like an ass because everyone is acting crazy all the time so its hard to have something to compare to. Well I am busy opening an online bank account then I will head out. See yall this afternoon!