Friday, November 21, 2008

The Original Dad made lunch.

On the RARE occasion Dad had to make lunch for me and my brother when we were little, this was always what he made. Grilled cheese sandwich, a pickle spear and an oreo. Haha! It's like my favorite lunch! It was delicious.


That took all damn morning. I need to eat something. I have been too busy worrying about this resume stuff to eat anything yet. I am so frustrated because I had no idea it was messed up. Maybe that's why I haven't been getting as many offers as I should be. Good news, my friend Wendy knows this new captain I am sending my resume over to and says he is a really awesome guy. He lived in Key West just before I moved there and worked on the Schooners too. That's good news. Means he is down to earth. Well, I am off to rustle up some grub.

Ok really...

off to bed... I have to get up at a decent hour in the morning to get this resume sorted out.

HAHA! Check this out...

The retouched version of the photo below...


I really need help putting together my resume. I have just realized that the format of mine is totally effed up! I have a Mac and apparently the when I save it as a Word document it is totally funky when you open it on a normal PC. Thanks to Capt. Blaise for telling me specifically what was wrong with it instead of just saying "oh your resume could use a little tweaking" like another Capt. once told me. When I look over it on my computer everything looks fine and I'm like WTF? Capt. B said this:

* You should have a professional headshot at the top of the resume. Wearing a simple yacht polo is best.
* Your objective needs to be flowing, currently it has some funky margins. Just make it a simple paragraph. Please do not center your text.
* Your Experience’s should be listed with the Dates on the left margin and the description of the position to the right.

Thanks and email me back the new version as soon as you can. I think you might be a great fit for this position.

Ya see, my text IS NOT centered when I look at it on my comp, also, my experience's are listed as he says they should be so I KNOW it's a problem on my end. SO, if anyone out there knows anything about putting together a simple MICROSOFT WORD document resume, I would really appreciate some tips. Seeing as how I DON'T HAVE microsoft word... I guess I am really asking someone to do my homework. I could pay you in peanut butter or blog shout-outs.

I could email you my resume so you can take a peek at it if you want. Otherwise I will be up at my Mom's work all day tomorrow freaking out, messing with her computer.

I will do it myself in the morning because he needs it tomorrow. Gee.

I have to take a lame boring pic of myself in a polo shirt too... I can do that tonight...

Ok, I just put on make-up, put my hair up, strategically (strategerie) placed my bangs (fringe) to the side, put on a white button up I found in my brother's closet, and posed in front of my closet drapes...

Take that glamour shots!

I look ridiculous.

2 more nibbles...

I got a phone call today from an agent at Crew4Crew asking if she could send my CV over to a 105ft motor yacht about to start a WORLD tour. I said... YES.

I got an email from a Captain on this new site I signed up for called asking if I was interested in a stewardess job he was trying to fill on a 145ft motor yacht. I said...YES.

Seeing as how I haven't heard from Avalon I am saying YES to all offers. (not all... most)
I was really holding out for that job on Avalon. Sounds like a great itinerary. Oh well, I am going to have to take what I can get. If I can get anything.

Seattle Heather, you need to sign up for, It's going to be alot like but it seems to be more about networking for jobs than Dockwalk. Dockwalk seems more like a facebook type thing, (like we need another one) on yachtcircle you actually put your resume up and add your experience and all that good stuff. Just a heads up! :)