Friday, November 21, 2008


I really need help putting together my resume. I have just realized that the format of mine is totally effed up! I have a Mac and apparently the when I save it as a Word document it is totally funky when you open it on a normal PC. Thanks to Capt. Blaise for telling me specifically what was wrong with it instead of just saying "oh your resume could use a little tweaking" like another Capt. once told me. When I look over it on my computer everything looks fine and I'm like WTF? Capt. B said this:

* You should have a professional headshot at the top of the resume. Wearing a simple yacht polo is best.
* Your objective needs to be flowing, currently it has some funky margins. Just make it a simple paragraph. Please do not center your text.
* Your Experience’s should be listed with the Dates on the left margin and the description of the position to the right.

Thanks and email me back the new version as soon as you can. I think you might be a great fit for this position.

Ya see, my text IS NOT centered when I look at it on my comp, also, my experience's are listed as he says they should be so I KNOW it's a problem on my end. SO, if anyone out there knows anything about putting together a simple MICROSOFT WORD document resume, I would really appreciate some tips. Seeing as how I DON'T HAVE microsoft word... I guess I am really asking someone to do my homework. I could pay you in peanut butter or blog shout-outs.

I could email you my resume so you can take a peek at it if you want. Otherwise I will be up at my Mom's work all day tomorrow freaking out, messing with her computer.

I will do it myself in the morning because he needs it tomorrow. Gee.

I have to take a lame boring pic of myself in a polo shirt too... I can do that tonight...

Ok, I just put on make-up, put my hair up, strategically (strategerie) placed my bangs (fringe) to the side, put on a white button up I found in my brother's closet, and posed in front of my closet drapes...

Take that glamour shots!

I look ridiculous.


  1. Just go and do it at your mum's office tomorrow.
    The pic looks great. Professional yet it hints at your character.

  2. Thanks! I did. I fixed it and sent it to him, then I had to log in to all my crew finder sites and change it there.... gee... what a mess! But it's a good thing...