Friday, February 29, 2008

Running with the ferals!

Yesterday Jess and Nicola took me to the Sanctuary to see kangaroos wallabys and koalas not to mention wombats and fruit bats! We had so much fun! We ate a picnic while fending off white ibis' with thier freaky long bills and we saw platapus' swimming around like little crazies. After that we came around a corner only to encounter a couple of wallabies just lounging about along the trail. So I decided I had seen the trainer man approach them and I could do the same so I snuck up on a sleepy wallaby and gave him a sctratch under the chin and he loved it! He chilled and gave my palm a little lick like a cat and Nicola had a go with him too and we left him to his sleep. It was great day and I am proud to say that I actually touched a wallaby in Australia! I wanted to take him home.