Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's almost totally healed. :)

And, as you can see... I am wearing my new work shirt, as I am now a barrista 2 days a week at Croissants De France. My good friend Richmond is a manager there and hired me. So, I have 2 days a week on the schooner and 2 days a week at the coffee shop and now I just need to get this waitress job down the street from the shop for like 4 days a week and I might just be able to get my act together. Thing is, I can over lap these jobs, on the boat I don't have to be there till 3:30 and at the shop I get off at 2. I went to work at 7am.... oh my. Well, if I get the waitress job I would either work at 11am-3pm or 3pm to close so I could pretty much work every day of the week all day long if I set it up right.

My buddy Evan went on vacation yesterday and I am already so bored and lonely. Good news is... LILLY IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!! YAAAAAAAAY! She is moving home! Couldn't live without me! :)

I might pop down to the Appledore this evening to see the boys, maybe even bring them some goodies from the shop. Gotta be extra nice to them now that they have branded me the "Yoko Ohno" of the Appledore... Brian says I stole his best friend and they haven't seen him in weeks. I told them they could have him back... I was lying! Besides... It's not like I have him chained up in my basement or anything. ;)