Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wonderful Weekend in the West Indies!

Wow! I had a great weekend! The season came to an end this week and on Friday night Meg invited me over to a pig roast at Alex's house to celebrate. It was amazing! The boys cooked the pig in a roasting box and we all ate like hogs, drank beers and had cheesecake for dessert. The next morning I slept in for a while, caught a safari over to Yacht Haven Grande and went out on Meg's boat Doubloon for the afternoon trip. I had a blast, snorkeled with sea turtles and sting rays, hung out with Dave and Alex on the boat and had a nice sail. After the trip, while Meg and the guys cleaned the boat I ran down to my house and made everyone soft tacos from the leftover mexican food I cooked the night before, ran them down to the boat and we all went over to the Rum Shack for happy hour. After that the boys and I went over to the Hull Bay Hideaway for horseshoes and a little dinner. After 2 days of good times I thought about taking it easy today and staying home but at about noon Jill hollered up the hill at me to come down to the house, Jeanette was there and wanted to go to the beach! So I threw my suit on and grabbed my backpack and off we drove! We went to Sapphire beach for a while until it started raining, as we gathered our things we looked out at St. John in the distance to see sun drenched hills and decided to hop a ferry and go to that island in the sun! We went over to St. John, did a little shopping and went to Woody's for happy hour and some munchies. We stayed for a couple of hours then caught the 6pm ferry home, on the way across the channel, Drew called and asked us to stop by Fat Boy's for a beer, so naturally we accepted the invite. It was nice to see him and about halfway through the beers Jeanette and I left to catch safari back to Charlotte Amalie where her car was parked. It was a fun filled weekend and I go back to work tomorrow! Whew!