Saturday, June 27, 2009

One day.... we will leave the dock....

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Things are around here are calming down a bit. We have most of our projects done and we will be leaving here on Tuedsay evening. Our generator will be done on Monday but we have to wait for a shipment on Tuesday before we leave. Monday I have to go aloft and wax the mast from top to bottom. 100 feet up! Hope they don't drop me! :) I have had a nice time here in Ft. Lauderdale but I really really really want to get out on the ocean, and get to a new town where I have never been and see some things I have never seen.

It looks like it will take us 6 or 7 days to get from here to Newport, RI. We will be there till the 14th of July then we will head to Martha's Vinyard.

I commemerated my Key West spring with a new tattoo.... yep...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got a haircut and re-squeezed the spinnaker...

Productive day at the dock here at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach, Fl.

This morning started out with our computer tech from New Orleans coming to the boat to sort our our interwebs problems... needless to say I am up and running on my mac! I feel relaxed and at home now that I have my own bunk and my computer attached to the web. Ahhhh....

Then I pulled everything out of the lazarette so we could get the giant spinnaker out of there, when I say giant.... I mean GINORMOUS!!! This thing weighs like 500 pounds. no joke. That's it, the colorful one in the pic. Well we had to raise it in its squeezer thingy that keeps it all together and re-pack it because it was all messed up so that was a sweaty job. Then we put it back in the laz and I packed all the dive gear and lines and fishing gear on top of it. whew!

Then, we did some laundry and the guys came to disassemble the generator that decieded to eat itself last week. Dirty job. Then I cleaned the interior and tried out the new vacume we bought. It's VERY quiet and light.

Then we took the bimini down and gave it to the cleaning dudes to get the stains removed before we leave next week.

Then we wrapped things up and headed into town. Lee needed to go to Best Buy to get a new flat screen and blu ray player so he dropped me and Amy off at the hairdressers because we both were in desperate need of a hair cut. I haven't had mine cut since D.D. cut it last year... no joke... So the lady started cutting, and cutting... and cutting... she cut about 4 inches off. I needed it. Feels good! Now it's time to color it and get on the big blue watery road. North bound and down, rollin up and truckin'!!!

Amy is cooking traditional english "Toad in a hole" and no Mom... It's got nothing to do with eggs in toast...

Sausages laid in the bottom of a baking dish, covered with a mixture of eggs, milk and flour, baked in the oven till the whole thing rises like a big biskit!

p.s. that pic was taken before our hair cuts in Miami Beach.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Sitting still for another week or so...

Well, one of our generators bit the dust on friday so we are headed back to ft. lauderdale tomorrow for another week or so while we wait on our gen to be fixed... sucks because it puts a damper on our fun plans up north. We are still going to NYC but we may have to shorten or postpone the Boston area visit... blah. Oh well. The owner already said that we could take our time heading back south after the big new england summer trip. we will be here in the yard for 6 weeks starting in October. So we may stop in the Boston area on the way back down and also in Charleston or Savannah. I would love to go to either spot! I really miss Savannah! Mom sent me a lil care package and I asked her to send my book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil because that book is awesome and takes place in Savannah... I read this morning for about 30 mins before I had to put it down and get to work. It's just so freakin good! It's a true story so if you ever get a chance to read it I highly reccomend you do so. j

I fell in the marina on Saturday night. My cell phone and ID and credit card are at the bottom of the marina. Good thing I postponed getting that iPhone! As soon as I find a bank of america I can get a new card and get back on line. I'm so excited!

Our owners trip on Saturday went really well! Everyone had fun and they invited us to go bowling at Lucky Strikes lanes here in south beach yesterday so we did, it was so fun! We bowled and drank and ate and had a blast! I taught the owner of my boat the top gun hi-five, you know when Goose and Maverick are playing volleyball and they do the hi-five then bring it all the way around and do the low five... classic. We were on the same team so that was our deal... they are probably wondering where the hell they found me... lol!

My old chef Justin from the Seattle yacht is in ft lauderdale now too! His generator broke as well so I will be seeing them soon. I just saw them in key west a couple of weeks ago but I can't get enough of Justin and the scoot!

It's hot as hell here. South Beach Miami!!!! I am ready to get out of here though. Ready to head north where you need a blanket at night. My focsle doesnt have a/c yet so it's freakin hot in there right now. good thing mosquitos don't like me because I have been sleeping with my hatch open.

SHIT! I FORGOT TO WATCH THE SEASON OPENER OF TRUE BLOOD!!!! DAMN!!! It was last night. I will have to watch it online...

Gotta go. Back to work!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sailing.... take me away....

Hello! I know, I know, I haven't been updating my blog but my computer wont connect to our internet for some reason and I have no time to take it to the mac Dr. so I have to use the boat computer whenever I can...

So, here we go.

The boat is great! Crew is fun, we get alog really well. I made some new friends while we have been in the yard here at Powell Bros. Marine in Ft. Lauderdale. The crew of the megayacht Double Haven have been entertaining. Danny and Ian... thanks for entertaining me! Ian took me to a badass concert on Tuesday night, the artist was Bon Iver and it was freakin' sweet!!!

It's been a busy week because we are putting the boat back together as it has been torn apart for a month, dust everywhere, the deck is covered in soot from the damn generator for the yact next to us so that is a big job. 82 feet of teak. Not to mention waxing the hull and the white parts on deck... all my job.

Tomorrow we head to Key Largo where we will anchor out for the night just the crew, then we will have guests on board Sat. morning and will sail north to Miami Beach where they will get off. We will be staying in Miami till Monday or Tuesday and then we will head to New York City! We are headed straight there, no stops, head out into the gulf stream and ride it up more than likely. Capt. says it should only take us 5 days.

They dropped the iPhone down to 99 bucks so I think I am going to buy one on Sat. when we get to Miami. My phone is acting up. I think I finally dropped it too many times. I will post some pictures when I can, we have a camera on board so don't worry we will be documenting our adventures!

Boy... I'm hungry.

OH my, so I have gained like 10 pounds since I got on this boat. Amy cooks all this great food and I just can't not eat it! I am stopping today though... I went from eating maybe half of what I have been now and riding 10 miles a day on my bike and walking all over the island all evening to eating 2 full meals a day and never leaving the boat. Makes a big difference.

Well, that's the news... Not too exciting yet! But it will be... :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


OK. Now I can tell you guys what's going on....

I got a job on a Sailing Yacht!!! click there to see it!

I am the deckhand/stewardess and the other crew are husband and wife Capt and Chef team. I am loving it so far. I am in Ft. Lauderdale now but will be leaving on the 13th to head to NEW YORK CITY. The owners are awesome and so are the crew.

My plans are as follows, this is what the owners told us yesterday...

June 13th - crew only- sailing to NYC for a few days for fun

Then to Marion. Mass for a week or so because the Capt and Chef have buddies there and they want to see them. Marion is 30 mins south of Boston so someone will come pick me up and I will go visit Lilly and the Clipper crew for a few days.

Then we sail to Newport where we pick up the owners.

Then on to Provincetown Mass (P-town) where we will stay for a few days and where I will get to visit Will!

Then on to Martha's Vinyard

Then up the coast of Maine almost all the way to Camden... ;)

Then back to Newport

Then up to Nova Scotia

Then we aren't sure if we are going up and around Nova Scotia into Halifax but if not we will head back down and do some more cruising around the Maine coast in August then we will drop the owners off and make our way back down here to Ft. Lauderdale for another yard period for the month of October.

I will be living in Miami in a condo for the month of October.... :)

Then we head to the Caribbean for the winter.

Make our way all the way down island.

Through the Panama canal

To the Galapagos Islands....

Onward to the South Pacific!

From there I just don't know....




I gotta get a camera!