Monday, June 1, 2009


OK. Now I can tell you guys what's going on....

I got a job on a Sailing Yacht!!! click there to see it!

I am the deckhand/stewardess and the other crew are husband and wife Capt and Chef team. I am loving it so far. I am in Ft. Lauderdale now but will be leaving on the 13th to head to NEW YORK CITY. The owners are awesome and so are the crew.

My plans are as follows, this is what the owners told us yesterday...

June 13th - crew only- sailing to NYC for a few days for fun

Then to Marion. Mass for a week or so because the Capt and Chef have buddies there and they want to see them. Marion is 30 mins south of Boston so someone will come pick me up and I will go visit Lilly and the Clipper crew for a few days.

Then we sail to Newport where we pick up the owners.

Then on to Provincetown Mass (P-town) where we will stay for a few days and where I will get to visit Will!

Then on to Martha's Vinyard

Then up the coast of Maine almost all the way to Camden... ;)

Then back to Newport

Then up to Nova Scotia

Then we aren't sure if we are going up and around Nova Scotia into Halifax but if not we will head back down and do some more cruising around the Maine coast in August then we will drop the owners off and make our way back down here to Ft. Lauderdale for another yard period for the month of October.

I will be living in Miami in a condo for the month of October.... :)

Then we head to the Caribbean for the winter.

Make our way all the way down island.

Through the Panama canal

To the Galapagos Islands....

Onward to the South Pacific!

From there I just don't know....




I gotta get a camera!