Thursday, February 4, 2010


WE HAD A GREAT TRIP! The crossing was just ideal. No bad weather to speak of, no really really heavy seas. We were at about 5 to 8 ft seas the entire time with your random rouge wave thrown in. I didn't get seasick, only about 3 of us who cared to admit it did. My watch is cool, we are split into 2 watches. A, B and C. I am on B(est) watch with Janet, Isaac and Sam. They don't talk much which cramps my style because I am pretty social but we are safe and Janet and Isaac are so knowledgeable that I feel like I constantly learn new things...

Speaking of... I made it aloft finally! And I do it every day! I still hate it but I can do it. I have furled the topsail twice and every day we do "up and over's" on both masts so we all get comfortable aloft. Come to find out I am not the only one who doesn't like it.

We are such a huge attraction here. People are so excited to see new faces here and they are sooooooooooo friendly!!! Thank you to the West End Mini Yacht Club for taking such good care of us while we were in St. Georges. Also Thanks again To Dave at for the shirts and stickers. Everyone loves them! We plan to fly the flag in Hamilton when we dock there downtown tomorrow.

I am paying for the interwebs right now so I gotta go. The net is free in Hamilton so I promise to blog a big intense blog when i get it for free. .... here is a pic to hold you over...

Yeah it's up top. Thats me on the right. My first time aloft when we got to Bermuda. I was screaming from the top yard, "SOMEBODY BETTER TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE!!!" Thank goodness Sayzie was on deck. It's getting easier or better I think, but I can honestly say that the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of at night is, I have to go aloft. I hate it. The boat I have applied with for the summer is the Quinipiack. They are out of New Haven, Conneticut. They don't have a topsail. I wouldn't have to go aloft every day....:)