Friday, August 29, 2008

It's official!!!

I am the new Setwardess aboard the 125ft yacht So Taj! Woo hoooooooo! I am really excited! I fly from Dallas to Seattle on Sept. 15th and then a couple of weeks later we take the boat down to Marina Del Rey! Oh my gosh!!!! L.A. HERE I COME! Then we will spend the winter bee bopping between Cali and CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO!!! Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Maria, you must get back to your boat so we can meet up! I will only be like 300 miles away from San Carlos! Ok, I am so happy! My captain is a chick! And she sounds so badass. She is already giving me a hard time about having so much sea time and no license. She wants to help me get my ticket and my sea time letters processed. She sounds totally girl power, I can't wait to meet her. Well, I'm off to the pool!