Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love my new A/C!

It is 76 degrees! And for the first time in a month or so I used a blanket! Before this I was using a wet sarong to cover up with so when the fan hit it it cooled me down. Now its time to jump in the pool! yay! 2 MORE DAYS TILL THE FAMILY GETS HERE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

To drink a warm martini

is to have balls much larger than your ordnary woman.
Guess I do.

Cus this thing is about 87 degrees. And now I have heartburn. where's the mustard? Woody taught me that the natural cure for heartburn is to swig down a teaspoon of american mustard. Guess what... it works. I love mexican medicine. Mezcal... tequila...peyote... sign me up from now on...


12:09 pm
80 degrees F