Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News from Captain George

As I checked my email this evening, I notice I have one from my new boss Capt. George, so I immediately check it before the others. He was just touching base with me making sure I have all my flight info in order and to let me know he is just as excited as I am about the trip (could he be tired of my "i am so excited you have no idea oh my gosh i cant wait" emails?) and that my enthusiasm is contagious, very kind of him. He also attaches a little float plan reminder, glance over it as I have many times this past week only something new catches my eye... "From Savannah GA to Key West" OK yes, seen that, but wait, he continues on... "by way of the Bahamas." BY WAY OF THE BAHAMAS??? I practically fall out of my chair. This is the first I have heard about us going to the Bahamas and I am ecstatic! I must be dreaming, great new job on a great new boat with a great new boss, going to key west where I get to stay for a while and visit old friends, and now the BAHAMAS?!?! If this is a dream, please don't wake me up!

9 Days and Counting...

Yesterday I told my boss about my big adventure and he couldn't be happier for me. Like I said, he knows me so well and he said I shouldn't pass on an amazing opportunity like this, and added that if I ever come back I could have my job back! See? I told you he was an awesome guy. That was my major stress and now its over so I can relax and start getting stressed about something else... :) Like overnight passages, rogue waves, and the bowsprit breaking off. ( My old KW buddies will remember those fears!)

Over the weekend I went to Houston to visit old friends and my aunt Nita. I got to spend some time at my favorite haunt in town, Curb Checkers, where I saw old friends and made new ones! (Hi Steve, Mike, Darla, Bill, Jim and Capt. Jon!) I had such an amazing time visiting everyone and just want to say thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable trip. I would especially like to thank my sweet car the "FestEVIL" for getting me there and back in one piece... I will miss you old girl!

Another neat thing that happened over the weekend, I got back in touch with an old friend from Key West! My buddy Drew now lives in... Savannah GA! Which is great because I will be docking there for a few weeks on Quark, now instead of scooting around town alone, I have an exploring buddy! So I'm pretty happy about that. Well thats about it for today, I just spent about 2 hours by the pool trying to get some sun on my pale body so I don't burn to a crisp my first few days out on the boat and it's time for a nap... night night.