Tuesday, July 24, 2007

9 Days and Counting...

Yesterday I told my boss about my big adventure and he couldn't be happier for me. Like I said, he knows me so well and he said I shouldn't pass on an amazing opportunity like this, and added that if I ever come back I could have my job back! See? I told you he was an awesome guy. That was my major stress and now its over so I can relax and start getting stressed about something else... :) Like overnight passages, rogue waves, and the bowsprit breaking off. ( My old KW buddies will remember those fears!)

Over the weekend I went to Houston to visit old friends and my aunt Nita. I got to spend some time at my favorite haunt in town, Curb Checkers, where I saw old friends and made new ones! (Hi Steve, Mike, Darla, Bill, Jim and Capt. Jon!) I had such an amazing time visiting everyone and just want to say thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable trip. I would especially like to thank my sweet car the "FestEVIL" for getting me there and back in one piece... I will miss you old girl!

Another neat thing that happened over the weekend, I got back in touch with an old friend from Key West! My buddy Drew now lives in... Savannah GA! Which is great because I will be docking there for a few weeks on Quark, now instead of scooting around town alone, I have an exploring buddy! So I'm pretty happy about that. Well thats about it for today, I just spent about 2 hours by the pool trying to get some sun on my pale body so I don't burn to a crisp my first few days out on the boat and it's time for a nap... night night.

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