Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News from Captain George

As I checked my email this evening, I notice I have one from my new boss Capt. George, so I immediately check it before the others. He was just touching base with me making sure I have all my flight info in order and to let me know he is just as excited as I am about the trip (could he be tired of my "i am so excited you have no idea oh my gosh i cant wait" emails?) and that my enthusiasm is contagious, very kind of him. He also attaches a little float plan reminder, glance over it as I have many times this past week only something new catches my eye... "From Savannah GA to Key West" OK yes, seen that, but wait, he continues on... "by way of the Bahamas." BY WAY OF THE BAHAMAS??? I practically fall out of my chair. This is the first I have heard about us going to the Bahamas and I am ecstatic! I must be dreaming, great new job on a great new boat with a great new boss, going to key west where I get to stay for a while and visit old friends, and now the BAHAMAS?!?! If this is a dream, please don't wake me up!


  1. Captain George - the Captain George
    of Georgia / Florida?

    Beware!!! if they are the same.

  2. Email me at joleacruzan@excite.com with info... ???