Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm so full.

Dinner was good, we went to Texas Land & Cattle Co. it's a steak house. Did you guess that? :) I rode in the tiny back seat with a guitar on top of me. Good thing we only had to to 15 mins up the road instead of all the way to Corsicana. It was nice to see Dave and Carol, nice folks.

I'm lying on a blankie under the christmas tree because it's my favorite thing to do this time of year.

Oh, a quick hello to Portsmouth and Providence, Rhode Island! Which one are you Tillerman!?
Stephanie I think you are Portsmouth, right next to Newport right?

And... Hi Costa Rica! Who are ya and how are ya?

Yall have a good night!

Goodmorning America!

Morning Los Angeles, Sunnyvale and San Francisco, California! Also... good morning middle of nowhere Kansas! I can't even find a name of a town you live NEAR yet alone IN! :) I would really like to know who you are and how you get "the internet" out there in the boonies. LOL I'm kiddin! Hope you folks all have a wonderful Saturday!

I'm guessing my L.A. visitor is Brian, but the others I don't know! Hello you guys!

Today I am off on a road trip with Mom and Dad, though I don't know how...
Mom and Dad are heading about an hour and a half south of Dallas to meet up with a friend of Dad's who plays guitars and mandolins with dad, Dave. They are going to his place in Corsicana. Mom asked me to go so I said sure... then I got to thinking about it. Mom drives a miata, so that's out. Dad drives a Ford Ranger... uh? Both of these cars are 2 seaters. Where the hell do they expect me to sit?! In the back of the truck?! Oh wait, there are small seats in the mini back seat of the truck... hahahah!
You see that?!?!? LOL! And you know there's gonna be a huge guitar and like three mandolins back there too.
When Jeff and I left they got rid of cars that we could fit in. Is that a hint?
Mom says I can fit, Dad says I'm not invited. Nice to see his sense of humor is still intact.


Nite nite Clearwater, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky.

I'm off to clean my room and go to bed. Which translates into:

I will be up for another 4 hours blogging and playing sudoku while checking in with all my yacht agency sites...

Thanks for stopping by! Now say hello!

pic: Lexington Kentucky.