Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goodmorning America!

Morning Los Angeles, Sunnyvale and San Francisco, California! Also... good morning middle of nowhere Kansas! I can't even find a name of a town you live NEAR yet alone IN! :) I would really like to know who you are and how you get "the internet" out there in the boonies. LOL I'm kiddin! Hope you folks all have a wonderful Saturday!

I'm guessing my L.A. visitor is Brian, but the others I don't know! Hello you guys!

Today I am off on a road trip with Mom and Dad, though I don't know how...
Mom and Dad are heading about an hour and a half south of Dallas to meet up with a friend of Dad's who plays guitars and mandolins with dad, Dave. They are going to his place in Corsicana. Mom asked me to go so I said sure... then I got to thinking about it. Mom drives a miata, so that's out. Dad drives a Ford Ranger... uh? Both of these cars are 2 seaters. Where the hell do they expect me to sit?! In the back of the truck?! Oh wait, there are small seats in the mini back seat of the truck... hahahah!
You see that?!?!? LOL! And you know there's gonna be a huge guitar and like three mandolins back there too.
When Jeff and I left they got rid of cars that we could fit in. Is that a hint?
Mom says I can fit, Dad says I'm not invited. Nice to see his sense of humor is still intact.


  1. That's a newer model than your dad's... ours doesn't have that little door so you have to squeeze your butt between the front seat and the non opening door-jam! Surprise! Oh and I don't think we have those nice little seats either. It'll be fun... just wait and see. We'll sing, Christmas songs!

  2. Hi from Sunnyvale!


    (just back from Cabo)

  3. Oh Hi David! Thanks for reading! How's Sunnyvale?

  4. You should just sit in the back of the pick-up, Mexican-style, with a cooler full of Buds and mandolin music blaring.

  5. I was going to say the same thing as Overboard. I could definitely see you doing that, making all the people driving astern sing along and dance behind their steering wheels. :D

  6. LOL Maria! It's too damn cold to ride back there! If it was summer I would have done that...

    Hello Tillerman! Good to put a dot with a name! :)