Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm so full.

Dinner was good, we went to Texas Land & Cattle Co. it's a steak house. Did you guess that? :) I rode in the tiny back seat with a guitar on top of me. Good thing we only had to to 15 mins up the road instead of all the way to Corsicana. It was nice to see Dave and Carol, nice folks.

I'm lying on a blankie under the christmas tree because it's my favorite thing to do this time of year.

Oh, a quick hello to Portsmouth and Providence, Rhode Island! Which one are you Tillerman!?
Stephanie I think you are Portsmouth, right next to Newport right?

And... Hi Costa Rica! Who are ya and how are ya?

Yall have a good night!


  1. Where am I? I am really in Tiverton but Sitemeter usually says I'm in Portsmouth. But this morning it says I'm in Warwick. Never seen it put me in Providence but who knows? Why does it keep moving me?

  2. I think you are showing up in Portsmouth and my friend Stephanie is in Providence... crazy ole google map!