Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Short and Sweet

Things have been crazy. Truthfully it's kind of been a shit show but at least the crew are having fun together. I'm amazed how well we all get along.

The sail from St. Thomas to the Dominican Republic was a fast 2 days and pretty nice. When we got here we were joined by 2 D.R. law students and 4 Hatian law students as well as one translator. We took them out sailing for 2 nights, rigged up a rope swing from the yard during a swim call and taught them as much as we could about sailing in 2 days with limited communication. I guess hard work is hard work in any language. They all had a good time. When we arrived back in Santo Domingo there was a reception with drinks and tapas and a video that Rueben put together was shown to the community members that were a part of setting this whole thing up. Then the students sat down and had a round table discussion about their time on the boat and what they gained from the experience. It was the first time we (the crew) actually felt like we were doing what we had set out to do. The mission was finally being put into action.

I am so tired I can't even think. Let alone write coherent paragraphs. Whew.

I am really enjoying my time here in the D.R. and I think I might have to come back here for a month or so in the winter. It's so cheap. You can rent a nice apartment for about 200 USD a month. The people are friendly and the rum is tasty.

Again, I tried to put some pictures up but I forgot my camera on the boat so this candid one from carnival will have to do for now.

Oh, we are supposedly leaving today headed towards Cuba. Not sure when or where we will end up actually but the arrival date for Havana is the 25th and Key West arrival on the first of April.