Tuesday, September 16, 2008

we obviously fend for ourselves for dinner

The view from my apt.

By the way, on my way out to take this pic I walked straight through the screen door. I was looking down at my camera and knocked it clean off the door! Phillip watched from the couch the whole time and didn't warn me. We were both cracking up! I noticed that he knew exactly how to put it back on the track so I said "please tell me I'm not the first one to to that." He said, "no, I did it the other day, that's why I let you do it too." What a true friend! :)
In the pic below, Phillip.

First Day!

What an eventful and productive day! I forgot my camera at home or I would have some crazy pics of today! It's amazing. The boat is in a huge shed up on blocks and totally COVERED in plastic sheeting! I walked in and was like WOW! It looked alot bigger that 126ft to me then Justin says, "right there where that paint line is, that's where they added the new stern addition." Oh... so um, the boat is now a whopping 155ft long!!! Bigger than the yacht I worked on in Savannah! Well, the inside was just as amazing as the outside. The entire boat is torn apart! There are about 50 guys working on the boat in all different rooms and cubby holes, installing wiring, flooring, woodworking, painting, you name it there is someone doing it. There is no room for me on the boat at this time and nothing for me to do on the boat anyway so I spent the first half of the day riding around with Leslie, the current temporary stewardess. She is the Captain's friend and is just here for the next couple of weeks. Then it will be me all alone. Sole stew. Haha I'm gonna start a band and call it Sole Stew. Or Soul Stew. Ahahahhahahah! Anyway, Les and I went to Home Depot and to Sears to buy me some khaki shorts and we also took a drive through downtown Seattle on accident because we took a wrong turn. Let me tell ya.... Seattle downtown is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to spend some time down there. We have the weekend off too, so I should have plenty of time to do so. This afternoon Capt. Veronica gave me a challenge. She handed me the approved uniform binder that has all the uniform stuff laid out so the owner can see what it looks like in it. She asked me to get all the guys clothes/shoe sizes and go through the book and find out how many of what size of what item we need and write a list for each store or catalog it came out of and then make a list for each store and make the orders so we could get our uniforms in soon. She said "here, that will keep you busy for a few days at least." Two hours later I came back to the office ready to make the orders. You should have seen the look on her face. It was awesome!!!! Haha I totally impressed her today! She was excited and we ran over my orders to make changes or additions and then I typed up an xcel document so we could have these lists ready for anytime we need to order and printed them out. I made a few orders and then it was time to leave work! These guys don't mess around! It was 3:31 and they were waiting at the door for me, ready to go!!! Now I am sitting back, watching the travel channel with the guys, drinking a glass of red wine Phillip so kindly uncorked for me, and now I am about to go out on the balcony to gaze at the mountains.... Ahhhh.... life is good.

- in the pic: Our chef, Justin and me. A big thanks goes out to him today for a delightful lunch! Chicken caesar salad!!! Yum it was awesome!

Good Mornins Seattle!

Wow! I'm up, ready to rock! It's just before 7am here and we are just about to head to work! We work 7:30 to 3:30 so that's cool! gotta go!

Sleepless in Seattle.

i am in Seattle. I love Seattle. The Chef Justin picked me up at the airport. We are best buds. Tomorrow I wake up at 6am with the boys and go to work till 3:30pm which is a pretty great work day! We all went out for a "crew bonding night" where I met the crew of another boat and learned that my most favorite female captain in the universe, Wendy Kitchell is in the same marina as we are!! I can't wait to see her! I will post pics tomorrow. Crew bonding was a bit much... I can write but not post pics.... thats a good judge of sobriety....