Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The view from my apt.

By the way, on my way out to take this pic I walked straight through the screen door. I was looking down at my camera and knocked it clean off the door! Phillip watched from the couch the whole time and didn't warn me. We were both cracking up! I noticed that he knew exactly how to put it back on the track so I said "please tell me I'm not the first one to to that." He said, "no, I did it the other day, that's why I let you do it too." What a true friend! :)
In the pic below, Phillip.


  1. That's funny, glad it wasn't the glass door.

  2. He he he. My grandfather had to put a fake stained glass sticker on his patio doors as he often walked into them.
    p.s Seattle looks beautiful. I love cities with mountains.

  3. Makes me even more "home" sick! We're in Seattle all the time. You'll love it! Make certain you make it to the microbrew pubs. There's tons of them there. Downtown is fab... just a bit scary at night. Spend a day up on Capitol Hill -- the old mansions are there - most are B&B's now. That's where we stay when we're in town. All the neighborhoods are "walk" neighborhoods. OH! Make certain to go to Ballard!! FANTASTIC!

  4. Micro-brew pubs!!
    Jolea! You are living in heaven!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Davia... I'll be sure to tell your kids where the best honky-tonks in North Texas are... No, she'll find the brewery, she has a nose for them.

  6. I know, I have a feeling I'm gonna really like this city. Though I am a bit chilly.