Friday, August 15, 2008



blogger isnt letting me upload the pic of my new haircut. i will try later.

I cut my hair!

I took about 5 inches off and damn it feels good! My hair was so damaged from sun and salt that I would turn into dredlocks if I didnt brush it out like 4 times a day. I just put it in a low pony tail and CHOP! I think I did a damn good job for cutting my hair with old office scissors I snatched off Jill's desk. Gotta go put those back now. What do yall think?

I survived!

It rained ALL NIGHT I mean, it had to have been at least 10 hours straight, lots of thunder and lightning but no power outages or leaks in the roof! A successful storm! I am still trying to tie down a job on a megayacht but I will have better luck when I am home and ready to go, I am not technically available for another month so my girl can't really put me up for anything because these guys that need crew need it now. It's all good though, It's the off season for everyone. Speaking of, hopefully I will go to work tomorrow so I will have some cashola, the chili cook off is Sunday and I really wanna go!
In other news, I have taken to drinking water out of an old Absolute Vodka bottle. It fits nicely in my little fridge and really makes people wonder when they see me outside on the phone swilling out of a vodka bottle, no chaser. I sure wish it was vodka but I cant afford booze. :)