Saturday, May 9, 2009

The aliens are communicating...

through my VHF radio on channel 63a. Just thought I would let everyone know...

They have been at it for a few days now, wonder what they are talking about!

Chillin at work on a beautiful Key West morning!

Morning hammock swingers and back porch coffee drinkers!!!

It's me.

Just got done with my first 5 mile bike ride of the day which puts me here at work at the yacht club. Just watched an amazing sunrise over Mt. Trashmore (the dump) and a badass full moon rise over the yacht club. Time to buy a new camera.

Right now I am watching Luis drive a huge fork lift with a boat on the end. It makes me nervous but he does a good job. We have a lot of people that keep their boats in our dry storage and when they wanna go out on the water they just call and we put it in the water for them.

Job is good, I am good at it but I miss being on the water. I am lucky to have such a good job at this time in the world and also during slow season in Key West so I am gonna stick with it. I am thinking about getting a little island car of some kind for the rainy season though.

I have all sorts of new friends and fun things have been happening. I don't know how to begin to catch up so I wont. I will just start with the most recent stuff.

Lilly is leaving for the summer, headed to Boston on the Schooner Liberty Clipper. I am really sad that she is leaving but she will be back soon so I will be ok.

JUDY IS COMING HOME!!! Actually she is home, she is in Ft. Lauderdale right now and arrives on Monday!!! YAAAAAAAY! At least she is coming back before Lilly leaves. It's gonna be like old times but better! Me, Judy, Mandy and Sarah... all back together. Look out world!

My new friend Joshua and his brother Caleb and his Dad Fishbone are artists. Check out thier work here at amazing stuff. When I met Fishbone he told me he was so happy to finally meet me because he had a dream about me some time ago that inspired him to make some art pieces... he calls me his inspiration now lol! Go to their site, click on Catalog, Off the hook, scroll down click next page and scroll down till you see Jolie and her squid whip. YEP. He DID dream me up. I don't have any pics of me and Joshua yet but I will post some when I do. Having a good ole time. It's nice to hang out with someone I can have a conversation with that doesn't start with "so there i was, wasted, running from the cops..."


What else.... Um... I am a size 4 now! Pretty much the size I was when I was in high school. HELL YEAH! Now that I'm not drinking every night I will probably loose some more weight. I don't really want to though. I already look like I'm gonna topple over already.

Everything is good at my apartment. I love it. My roommate is awesome. We never see each other unless it's in passing each other going out or coming in. Perfect situation. We sit down and chat maybe one time a week if we are both off work on the same day. She is very neat and tidy so we never have a problem with that.

OH! Jose just pulled up! I love Jose...

He is so freakin nice! Maybe one day he will take me fishin...

Oh! I went deep sea fishing the other day with my buddy Bobby who is a member of the club. His boat is called LET'S GO!!! and his charter company is called LET'S GO FISHIN! LoL. Heidi and I went out with him last week and we went all the way out to 600 feet! I have never been in water that deep or that blue. It was like the most beautiful thing ever! He was going nuts about how proud he was of us for not barfing. The boat is only 35ft long. I told him we are badasses and he should have known that already! We were even hungover! Heidi made the first catch of the day, a nice sized tuna. Then we didn't have much luck but we did see a sail fish. We caught some yellowtail snapper and I caught the only one that was a keeper. We will go fishing with him again when Judy gets back to town, take Mandy with us too.

If you wanna see my yacht club go to and click on Key West.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I have been away!!!

Been busy.... single again... having the time of my life... working alot... lost my camera and my ipod.... met a new awesome guy that is not a loser... things are going well... will have more motivation to blog now that i don't have to spend every waking moment with Evan. :) Gotta go, Lilly's going away party is tonight and I have to attend...